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    Orange Zero Frame (Black), Fatty R Forks, Front Mono M4 Disc Brake, Rear Maggie - Rb Lever - Heatsink Pads, Rear King (red) On Onza Drilled, Front Hope XC (Red) On Onza Drilled, Red Hope Headset, Echo Bar And Stem, FSA BB, Planet x Cage Pedals, Middleburn Cranks, DMR Single Speed Conversion Kit With Tensioner, Michelin Tyres, PC 58 Chain.

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  1. Nice pics. loving the last one :(
  2. ....and looks more of a street rider...................... :(
  3. Firefox is way better, quicker and is easyier too use... :(
  4. Naah, i would say make a new black one and keep this one because i like both! (Y)
  5. (Y) Looks like Single Speed wayney :-
  6. I was doing this with football boots on the nike website last year (Y)
  7. Just a change isn't it, i think its good but we need a couple more! i say they should do one more tonight for tomorrow :- (Y)
  8. yeah i think its alright but i think we should be able too change it etc... (Y)"
  9. Haha thats well cool, i want a go! (Y)
  10. But it loses value, i think as this is quite old and you can get a decent trials bike for £500, someone isn't going too spend £500 on this, not saying its crap or anything because it isn't but never ever will it be worth £500, £300 at least...... (Y)"
  11. sweet pics (Y) loving all the rocks even though i don't like natural. :-
  12. yeah thats alright, so whats the spec? Mat (Y)
  13. a planet x costing £1300? (Y) what one was it? Mat
  14. Thats better adam without all the stupid adverts :- Looking good. (Y) Mat
  15. If it fits then yeah (Y)