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  1. hey guys. heres a quick edit of a brakeless ride earlier this year. due to brakes leaking. let me know what you think thanks.... iolo.
  2. hey guys, just a quick edit, to get something filmed before winter hit.its fun to be back on a long bike for the first time in 4 years.still love the hex. also you get a good look at my trials course i have made where i live.its kept me and the edmonton guys pretty well entertained this season let me know what you think,.go to Vimeo site to watch better in HD !thanksAran
  3. Thanks for the comments yea im running 18-15 usual comp gear. Such a fun bike
  4. Heres an edit from my Barcelona trip this spring. not my best riding due to being in pain ( stupid elbow! ) but a fun trip even so. sorry i didn't film the giant crash !! let me know what you think
  5. just a quick edit of messing around on the pile of concrete things i put together. no music, just riding
  6. THANKS guys. it seems people still really prefer street than natural videos
  7. heres my latest edit guys. please let me know what you think ! THANKS ! Aran
  8. nothing like a super short wheelbase for weird backwards sidehops
  9. haha ! thanks Guys. thanks for putting it up too Ross
  10. Haha, ohh yea, i hadn't noticed that....MMMMmm stainless poles .
  11. haha .. hmm kinda. the bike was living with Tom Ritchey (long story!) .. but now a friend has managed to collect all my stuff and van, and its apparently in a field near the rockies/canada big deal, just EVERYthing i own !!! argh! haha
  12. When I was living in BC I made myself a stainless trials bike at work. then I moved to California for a while, and managed to get out and film just one day. I was planning to film way more, but due to my extensive gypsy ways California didn't let me back in UhOhh! Now im in North Wales, and it was time to admit that it might be AGES before i get back to my bike and get more clips. so here it is. I'm happy enough with the footage, considering it was my first proper ride on the bike really, and amazed that putting a camera on a skateboard on the desk, then pulling it slowly with string going to a drill in a vise, worked so well ! Thanks to Naked Bicycles And a Huge thanks to Ali C for lending me His HEX while im here for a while. Now this video is done, its time to start filming a Hex/North Wales vid PLEASE let me know what you think ! thanks Aran
  13. because its the worst bike design in decades... a silly prototype would be hilarious. but it looks like they have actually produced it. key features being... -rides shit -super complicated -some serious weak points -crap at being a BMX -crap at being a MTB gonna order mine right now
  14. i would just say, go over the handle bars more before you switch. and swing it with you hips into a accidental manual
  15. good edit too !! really enjoyed that