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  1. Here’s my alias 20.2 I just built up with some hope shiny parts.
  2. Pretty much done. Just got to fiddle around with the brakes and get them fine tuned and then shorten the hoses. And cut the steerer tube. And of course it just started pissing rain for the first time in about 8 months.
  3. Build in progress. Just got to build the wheels tonight and then decide how short I want to cut the steerer tube.
  4. Bah. It’s N+1 for bikes. Scientific fact. Im at about the same and ride them all! I also picked up a new park Bmx. So that’s filling the gap until the alias arrives.
  5. I’ve ordered a screw on 18t front sprocket onto the trialtech sl forged cranks. I went for 165mm too. So im sure it’ll all play nicely with the hope hub set up. I’ll post pics when I get it built!
  6. So it turns out the 22t sprocket fits fine. But the crank arms hit the chain stays. So I’m going with a threaded crank and a screw on sprocket up front. The alias 20.2 frames are now in stock. Looks like my build should ship out from tarty on Monday. Then I’ll have a furious session of wheelbuilding and then the fun begins.
  7. I sold my Skye last week. Just ordered a nice new alias 20.2 build with lots of shiny parts. I’ll post pics when it arrives and I get the wheels built up. It’s satisfying building ones own wheels!
  8. Hmm. I hadn’t thought of that. There seems to be a fair amount of clearance space. I’ve only ordered half the build so far so I’ll confirm with Tarty before the rest arrives in stock.
  9. Well that changes things a little! I guess I’ll be deleting my shopping cart and starting again with new hubs and cranks. That was the only thing I wished it could do was take a hope hub. Now the question is what to do about gearing. I was going to go front freewheel 18t + 12t rear for standard mod gearing. Im thinking I’d probably use the inspired/sram cranks now. So I guess 22/15 or maybe 22/14. Ill be be happy to run rear freewheel. I certainly don’t miss having my trousers eaten by mod chains. Lol.
  10. Pretty sure that’s one of my old bikes. I sold it and got this x lite in 2002. I got it to replace my 1997 square downtube x lite. I recognise the grips.
  11. I thought it looked like an arcade. How does the 20” wheel compare to the 19” do you think?
  12. Where do you get these frames from? They’re a 135mm rear end?
  13. Ok thanks for the pointers. I know it won’t be great for riding around town, but from age 8 to about 25 I rode everywhere on a mod trials bike without issue to get to riding spots. 5-10 miles was nothing on my monty lol So as long as I can get to somewhere across town it’ll be fine. I’ve got other bikes to go for actual rides! I just know the new comp mods are barely ridable full stop. I find the Skye so lumpy feeling and it’s basically impossible for me to do even simple things like suck up the back end when wheelie hopping up a wall or something. It just feels stuck to the ground. I thought the Skye would be good as a kind of do all fun bike, good enough to ride for 10 minutes across town but still fun at the park or playing on rocks or whatever. But right now I’ll take a slightly less ridable 20” for the fun factor when actually doing trials. Who makes the alias frame? What’s the new 20.2 like compared to the 20.1?
  14. Does anyone know how the alias 20.1 compares in feel to an older style 20” mod, like a monty 221 x lite or similar? I used to ride mods for years. I didn’t ride trials for about 10 years and recently got a inspired Skye team but I really don’t like how it feels. I’m thinking the alias may feel better for me. I want something that is more ridable than the new style competition mod bikes so I can get to the skate park or whatever around town. Who makes the alias frames? How much difference will it make having a 20” rear wheel versus the fat tyre 19”? This is what I used to ride and loved it.
  15. Sorry to resurrect an older thread. I picked up a Skye team last summer and I’m really not liking it that much. It feels heavy and cumbersome compared to my old mod bikes. Spins etc are slow and choppy, it feels like what I always felt stock 26” bikes felt like big and lumbering. Would something like an Alias 20.1 be closer to feel to my old monty? I’m thinking that might be a lot of fun, but still ridable to get around unlike a true competition mod.