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  1. Have you looked at the refurbished store for mac ? I just saved a bunch by buying a refurbished laptop, it looked brand new when it came. It also might have the older model imac in the refurbished section which I think is much better value.
  2. Alpha Beta Gaga by Air
  4. Thanks a lot !
  5. I'm buying 2nd cranks and they are truvativ stylos but I was wondering judging from this pic: does it look like the person has grinded the mounts off for the granny ring ? any help would be great !
  6. Is a graphics card necessary when predominately working with PS, Illustrator, Flash, and Indesign ?
  7. meh so not worth it sometimes, all they think about is themselves
  8. Well the rumors say that they might be switching from plastic to aluminum which would be worth waiting for, but yeah just rumors.
  9. mac rumors say that there'll be new ones coming out in the 3rd quarter of the year ?
  10. The Notwist - consequence oh and this:
  11. Are there any other msn messengers for mac, besides adium and messenger:mac ?
  12. try not to throw in a lens flare just cos you can. Cool dragon though !
  13. can u 'flash' a PS3 ?