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  1. awsomely nass 2008 style riding
  2. I'd just be happy to be still alive rather than getting medals........... personaly.
  3. I'll get slated for saying this but its just my view. It would be so so much cooler done on a bike that resembles a normal mtb . Like the Lenosky / Hans rey of old .
  5. Love the riding, along with a quality tune
  6. You mean trackstand yer?
  7. We Will Hopefully being doing some filming over summer for a full video,,,in HD Ha! Good to see someone with a GSOH!
  8. Still got the Skilz boiiii!
  9. This will pretyy much sort you out
  10. Awsome Nick Realy enjoyed watching it! Will be one I keep.
  11. very good video Wished it was all of Ali , best 24 to watch .
  12. Thanks Mark! Just needed some reasurance. Had seen the dimensions on the Tarty website but they didnt seem to tie up with the dimensions on the Hope page. Guessing Hope have been slow ( as usual ) on updating.
  13. Does anyone know the Dimensions for this Hub for wheelbuilding?
  14. Kinda seems pointless. Its highly ilegal to ride the motorbike where its being ridden . Its not an "extreme sport" that will ever get big for the above reason. Its a novalty, but thats about it. + the standard of riding wasnt that great from a technical point of view. soreeee
  15. Like it Craig:) Good riding and tunage, keeping it simple, awsome.