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    I'm a bmxer from Liverpool. I used to ride trials a long time ago before half this forum was even born! Rode for Cleanbikes and Plazmatic, then kids got good, and i found bmx. Even average riders today are doin things that had never been done when i rode. <br />I also ride motorbikes, on the road and the track. Got a Yamaha R6 and a mini moto lol. (it's just a way to let me wear leather, my other passion)<br />I fish, mainly for Catfish and Pike. <br />I enjoy Submission wrestling, Grappling and MMA.
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    john blundell
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    *when i rode trials* i had..... monty 221 X-Lite TI 2004. Avid Mech 185MM Front Disc, profile rear cassette hub, plaz pads on hs-33 at the back. Now i ride bmx... pics and spec....

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  1. This whole thread has been a pleasure to read lol
  2. I said at the time that i did chuckle, at least initially. I didn't like the way it embaressed people, but i liked the outside the box thinking to get it done and it was no doubt hilarious amongst your group of mates. I do think a northern humour trait to find humour is sarcasm and piss taking, and as a northerner, i did get it, to a point.
  3. I cant' fault anything of the event! The rain didn't spoil things really either as somehow the tyres and wood seemed to be grippy to ride anyway, not that i did any riding. True testiment to the festival carnimal type atmosphere that the event was. It wasn't a weekend were you went to ride, but a weekend where you went to have a good time, where there was also riding! I can't believe the level of the riding these days from last time i saw things go down all those years ago, it's ridiculous, with Flipp taking the cherry for his brakeless antics. Unbelievabe skill. I'd like to thank Everyone for making it what it was, a proper memorable weekend, from everyone who organised it and ran it, to Anal for asking me to go, and all the oldies who chewed the fat, and Adam for giving me free reign of his bike for the moments i wanted to have a blast. Loved it.
  4. This has made my night. I don't get it, but it's genius and entertaining! for a bit.
  5. hahaha
  6. I remember human shit on the section, a buried shopping basket of ice that worked perfectly as a fridge for the whole time, TRA, and Danny Butlers sister lol,
  7. Best memories of trials is Sat on walls all around the UK chatting shit. Barely remember riding!
  8. Me and Anal are going! First trials event i've been to since Tech 04!!!!!!!! Can't ride for shit, only have one knee, too old, unfit, but excited lol. Old skool reunion with some of the boys!
  9. The best times lads!!! I miss those days! I still have that T shirt too!!!!
  10. well i'm keeping my race bike nice and warm this winter
  11. superbad the big red one gone in 60 seconds
  12. Yeah i'm not too good today mate, it's easier to say what isn't hurting....Feet, left leg, and hands. Literally everything else hurts!
  13. Had a biggy yesterday at Oulton, about a 90mph highside in my first BSB National superstock 1000 race. Back end breaking loose
  14. Few pics from the weekend racing at Snetterton Had a nice crash, a 5th and a 4th. Still 4th in the championship.
  15. For anyone who may be interested at all, i've put another report up from a race weekend. With a crash and a podium, it was a busy weekend, but a good one! The report before that is only the weekend before, so both pretty recent, although weather conditions couldn't have been further apart! WWW.BONGO177.COM