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  1. I bought a ticket because I need the exercise.
  2. Cheers guys, all sorted now
  3. Ahh thank you! I also like the diagram. I'll try that now.
  4. Thanks, I like to be clear... What exactly have I done wrong? What is the fix?
  5. Hello All, I need some wheel building advice please. I have built lots of wheels and never encountered this problem before. New rim (TT 32hole), new spokes (180mm non drive side, 177mm drive side), New hub (TT SL M30), Old nipples (Red). 3 cross pattern used Each nipple has been turned 9 full rotations. (18 half turns) And I come across this problem where some spokes are tight and others are loose. Some are so tight, I don't want to continue turning these, the loose ones will reach tension eventually, but the spoke head is quire exposed. I then noticed that the pattern is cyclic. All the spokes that are closer to the wheel centre for the first two crosses are tight All the spokes that are further to the wheel centre for the first two crosses are loose. The only thing I can think is that the spokes a not cut to the correct lengths, annoyingly, I didn't check this pre build and I really don't want to have to delace the wheel to measure them unnecessarily. However the spokes that were left over (x2 of Each) look correct. The other thing I was thinking is that perhaps this hub has a weird hole offset, but I doubt this would account for millimeters of difference at the nipple. I initially only bought the hub (TT) and spokes as I had a spare TT rim, found this problem, blamed the rim as it was bent already without any spokes. Bought a new rim and have the same problem. Help Please! Cheers, Ash
  6. What a boss. Unbelievable.
  7. I would love to. The leon still isn't back! But within the month hopefully. 103.94 to beat. I forgot about the bullshit puncture madness last time. That was irritating
  8. Sooo, apparently vaping is just as bad as smoking now... Opinions? From a study prior to the government giving the go ahead for the NHS to support ecigs as a smoking replacement due to start next year. Even though the study seems to have been conducted in the US. Apparently due to chemicals in the flavourings, but so far I've found no info on which chemicals to avoid... Popcorn lung, holes in lungs and cancer has been mentioned. Sounds like bullshit to me, but i guess we shall see.
  9. Riding is insane. those hooks at shipley and the rock wall were nuts. He missed half of his toast with that lurpack though! Also, that is a lot of riding from one piece of toast!
  10. That was awesome
  11. Get some photos up. It should be a case of. Wick down the channels. Assemble. turn airflow ring so the centre of the 32 holes aligns to the dot. remove top cap. fill up, top cap back on (tightly). turn back the airflow ring so the dot aligns with the dot. Tar darrr. I tend to turn the unit upside down before I open the airflow. But I've had no problems since I sorted the wicking correctly. Brilliant bit of kit.
  12. turn the air flow ring so that the centre of the 32 holes lines up with the dot on the tank
  13. YES. Hopefully I'll have the leon back by then.
  14. Add me on FB.
  15. I live in Alton. It is not good for riding.