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  1. Still riding my small 26" intense 5.5, it's wheelbase is about the same as my trials bike (1080ish), reach is 330mm so according to manufacturers it's unrideable. Compare it to things like the geometron with 1370 wheelbase and 520 reach it's tiny, but then I'm only 5'7"ish and prefer short bikes. I have slackened it out a little by overforking and offset rear bushings so the head angle has dropped from 70° down to 65.5°, I dare say that it's not as planted as the latest greatest enduro bikes but it does me just fine. If you don't mind sticking with 26" and potentially having to hunt a little harder for tyres/rims then there are some bargains to be had as no one wants to buy them
  2. Adam, entered under the name of the pedaling tarts? Or is that another team of coincidental naming? You going solo or roped in some extras?
  3. Oh ffs, I thought I might be onto a winner with that one! Hen's teeth it will have to be
  4. Done! You may now worship me, I shall accept sacrifices in the form of nottinghamshire virgins You have some of those right? ......
  5. The obvious answer is to burn it out with the hottest chillies available and video it
  6. Think the top lap speeds at curby were around 25ish mph, could be wrong. Our fastest lap speed was 15mph
  7. Watch one of your local rounds of the bpcc, the speed they reach is petrifying
  8. Just think of the millions of people that they owe money to, meanwhile all that pot of cash is sat in a bank account earning interest for them. Bulb are the first supplier I've used in the 18 years of owning my house that have actively reduced the bill without prompting
  9. Another bulb account here, dropped our bills consistently over the last 2 years despite having a 5kw gas burner for our only cooking heat source and a minimum of 3 people in the house at any one time. Was paying 135 a month with Scottish power (who had been consistently cheaper and had no issues with reclaiming credit back) and now paying 96 a month edit: if you're looking to switch I also have a referral code somewhere, but precipitationavian got there first. Didn't you use my referral Luke, or was that someone else?
  10. I'll laugh if you've just welded a crack in there
  11. As of Wednesday I will be in possession of a tig welder, it's one my dad bought ages ago but he never really got the time to spend on it properly, as he is now advancing in age and decreasing in faculties (just turned 72 and suffering from early onset of dementia) I am borrowing it off him to see if I can't learn to weld to an extent I have never welded in anger, in fact my entire welding experience consists of about 5 minutes of stick pigeon! For those people who are or can tig weld, any useful tips or wisdom that should be absorbed? Initially I want to be learning on 16 gauge 316 stainless as I want to be able to weld up the new link pipe for my supermoto. If I can get enough practise in on scrap material then I will commit further to actually welding the pre-cut pipe sections together. Anyone offer advice on settings I should be looking to start with? Should any 316 filler rods be sufficient for my needs? I don't know what make/model the welder is or even what settings/functions it has, I will post back when I know. Any advice would be much appreciated, test piece photos will probably be uploaded for comedy value
  12. After the end of the straight about halfway round the bend it starts to climb, it's only a slight incline but after the first few laps you soon realised it was there when the speed dropped off
  13. The fat end of 40kg I reckon It was really energy sapping on the hill at curby! The wingracers car (no. 1 plate and winners last season) was about 26kg
  14. Or just acquire a copy of solidworks and teach yourself, I can offer training at a reduced consultancy fee! Hey, I helped Dann2947736393-040828 over the phone with his 3D modelling in solidworks so technically his first degree is all my fault
  15. I wouldn't bother with trying to model the aero, just make something that looks right, think torpedo and aerofoils and you won't go much wrong. The winning car was a plain cigar shape made from a carbon front half and the back end was made from correx sheet and lycra to fill in the gaps. The plan is theoretically to do some more rounds this year, not sure if timing will allow though, also need to make a number of mods to the car and time is rapidly running out to try to meet the first meet date. Might get it ready for curby in september again
  16. Fairing wise it was just a bit of plywood to make a boxy bikini fairing, zero aerodynamics I don't think wheel shrouds are allowed although there was one guy doing the curby race solo in a fully enclosed car, he was essentially lying down in a kevlar slug. Had to stop part way through to cut extra sight holes in it though because he couldn't see; trying to draught off him was virtually impossible with our breezeblock though! edit: haven't actually got many photos of it finished, too busy trying to patch the bodywork together at 10pm the night before the race! I'll see if I can find some more that others took. edit2: some stolen from facebook! it looks like hard work, mainly because it was, I'm really unfit these days and the beard was adding to the aerodynamics in it's own special way I did do some draughting though!
  17. I'm watching Deadpool, Charlotte has taken Aneurin (9 months old now) up to bed as he'd finally crashed and I'm not sure she's really appreciated it as a Christmas film It's been a good day, largely just the four of us, my step kids went with their dads this morning. Just polishing off a bottle of red that I grabbed from the works bottle draw, I don't drink wine, let alone red but meh it's open
  18. Happy Easter How many active members can we get to respond?
  19. I have some tube, not sure if it's enough though, off the top of my head it's 2.5" 16swg 304. I can get a bottle of argon for about 25 quid from our work supplier with no rental. I'll touch base with you (fnaaar) in the new year
  20. Dann6638599165_9, fancy a bit on the side? The whole instigation of this thread was me making a link pipe for my supermoto to suit a new exhaust can. Due to various reasons I never got it finished (ran out of gas, shed got filled with crap so lost access to the welder buried at the back, no on the fly amperage or arc control, babies, life, delete as appropriate). As such I have a bike with no exhaust because of a 12" link pipe. Two into one collector is nominally done, just some lobster cuts to wind it through the subframe. Fancy a play with it? Can drop the bike off at yours as you're only up the road Payment in digestive biscuits or mars bars.
  21. Exactly
  22. Looking good dann33828166781m, but that looks like rather a larger cantilevered load on the hangers, I would take a diagonal tie from lower down on the silencer end cap to nearer the rubbers to take the tension and alleviate the stress risers you've welded into the silencer body Don't forget that stainless has a pretty shit fatigue life and that weld is taking a huge beating, for the sake of another 100g of stainless bar it would stiffen the design massively. Also worth bracing front to back as well? edit: a bit like my awesome paint creation (with hidden line!)
  23. Van exterior done for now, Christmas holidays to start laying out and building the interior
  24. More work on the van today
  25. I think you'll need to key up the chrome and prime it first but you should be able to get a reasonable finish even by roller People have rollered their vans but it tends to be a bit patchy because it dries so fast and the application isn't quick enough over the large surface area. edit: it is pickup truck bed liner after all