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  1. Can't believe it's been 10 years now! I'm sure myself and the local Milton Keynes lot will come down. Always had a good time at these rides
  2. I can only find sets of them on eBay for £60 and thats so expensive just for shitty plastic that falls off!
  3. Went to Ultimate Dubs on Sunday and had a photoshoot afterwards with MDB Images. I think that's enough now
  4. I like my wheels.
  5. You called? Oh wait...
  6. My brain can't handle people changing their usernames! ...onzaboymark
  7. Thanks Robin, I prefer these too! Looks a lot more sensible now, and doesn't look awful with the car raised up like the others did. I need to have a play on Photoshop and see what colours I like...
  8. The BBS reps were cool, but the tyres weren't illegal, and I fancied a change! I'm going to Photoshop different colours onto them and see what I like. Thinking creme at the moment... That bloody door trim! Haha. Been missing for over a year... I happily spend £220 on wheel adapters but can't justify £35 on a bit of plastic.
  9. Changed my wheels. Heard that the Police are going crazy this year over stretched tyres, and specific load ratings for tyres etc... Land Rover wheels! Comet's off of a Disco' 2. Bought the wheels off of a mate for £80, got some custom adapters made for £220. I'm happy with them Also felt like a boss on my way back from collecting the adapters. Driving along, see a dead pheasant in the road, aired up over it, cleared it, and aired back down. Felt like gadget man!
  10. It's suprisingly good! I got so used to bouncing around on cheap coilovers, I was expecting it to be the same. It's so comfy! Just sucks up the bumps, and handles well too.
  11. Air ride is done, wheels are painted and fitted!
  12. Air ride is happening... Got a problem with the front bags at the moment, so they're not fitted yet. Have rear air installed and working though! http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=455226&page=9
  13. Painting my wheels... From my Instagram. Just need to sand and polih the dish on this one, then crack on and mask up and paint the other 3!
  14. Made a start on my air ride install, also decided to paint my wheels too! Can't be bothered to copy and paste it all over from Edition38, so just read it here: http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=455226&page=9
  15. Audi just got through an MOT! Got to replace the top suspension arms as the bushes are a bit iffy. - No play in them, but they're on the way out! Also got a sticky brake caliper on the nearside front. I need new pads soon anyway, so I'll attack that at the same time. Chuffed!