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  1. Bit of a long shot but I have a load of toyota starlet turbo ep82/ep91 upgraded suspension bushes, engine mounts, anti roll bars and strut braces to shift as part of an unfisished project (whiteline/cusco and ultra racing parts), everything is new but I just want rid of it if anyone knows someone who'd want the lot far less than what its worth if they collect from chester way? Please pm me if you know anyone interested!
  2. Is the frame a zebdi?
  3. Have you got caged pedals? Try tightening the four bolts that hold the cage on, mine often come loose and cause a creaking noise.
  4. any chance of welding a bar/lever to the top of the blighter ? then again anywhere that can weld some sort of lever to it will get it out properly anyway...
  5. What about scaffolding clamps? I've no idea what diameters they come in but must be readily available second hand/cheap & more than strong enough? No need to bugger about with shims/drills then
  6. A good quality steel bolt will be stronger.
  7. Rodrigo Y Gabriela I suspect they are Spaniards but the music is very good. They do flamenco style rock covers of led zep, floyd and metallica amongst others as well as their own nifty stuff.
  8. I can do Sunday..
  9. Could also try a fairly large socket on an extension bar. might damage the headset a bit though
  10. Google uk is the homepage, which is why I'm confused.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to change the settings so that if I type in a website name eg "trials forum" in the address bar without www etc it takes me straight to the site rather than going through yahoo searches? It had been working fine for ages but somehow I've managed to break this handy feature Thanks
  12. Royal mail website says you can do it for around £50.
  13. Really enjoyed that. Dunno, did you film it left handed?
  14. Excellent as usual. Wish I had a passport. Which kind of bird is awake at ten to five in the morning... That would be the early bird!
  15. Pads: Koxx Reds Time used: Nearly a year Rim used: Echo 07 Mod/Stock: Stock (07 pure) Grind: Yes Brake used: 2004 Magura, braided hose, no booster Previously used pads: Zoo, Joypads, magura red / black, Gu, Planet X sticky, Plazmatics By far the best all round pads I've ever used. They have very good bite and hold in the dry and reasonable hold in the wet. They've been used on the same rim with light, sharp and heavy grinds and seem to work best on sharp grinds. The wear rate is outstanding considering my grind is comparable to a badgers arse.