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  1. ummmm,yes i no all new members are getting validated.people who have just joined,are getting validated after about 5 posts. it's not fair on the people who have been on here longer.
  2. right then,i've been on trials-forum for quite long now.and i dont seem to be getting validated,my mates are getting done in a day or so?,i dont mess around,i dont make stupic topics epsep from this one,i use puntcution.and i haven't been validated,why have my friend been validated after like 5 posts,it gettting me mad. :) :) :)
  3. hey,im looking for a new rear maggie needs to be in fully working order with evry thing mainly looking for one in black. if you have one add me to thanx ben :P
  4. hey,im after a front avid arch rival v brake,has to have lever and cable and pads. If anyone has got one for sale let me know,add me to
  5. hey mate welcome,my name is ben and ive been riding for about,a year hope you have fun thanx ben :angry: