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  1. Should have my bike sorted by the end of the week, do we have any riders up here ? I’m Northallerton way
  2. When is it ?
  3. In the 12 years or so since I started riding I have never seen anyone be anything but supportive to new riders, so I wouldn’t worry about that, I’ve been out for a while now so even though I’ve been in the trials scene a long time I will solely be relying on this forum to plan rides
  4. Forums pool everyone into the same area, Fb just seems to separate everyone into their local areas, it’s a shame, some of the big rides that have happened in the past are all due to this forum and if people aren’t going to use it and just stay in their local Fb groups then the rides aren’t going to get the same turnout. Trials is too small a sport for groups to segregate themselves.
  5. Well soon to be another ! Just getting a bike sorted and I’ll be up for riding! I’m near Northallerton, no idea if there’s anywhere nearby to ride here
  6. Hi, So I’ve been out of the loop for quite a while now, I’m basing this topic on the activity I’ve seen on this forum over the past few days, is trials dying as a sport ? Do big group rides still happen ? It seems to me that there’s nowhere near as many riders as there once was. I’m interested to hear the views of the active members of the trials community. Cheers
  7. Iolo named it pigeon in the first place didn't he ?
  8. Real trials! Seems people have forgotten what it is
  9. anne's son
  10. Skills you've alot better since i used to ride with you haha
  11. me riding west shore
  12. me and bro riding rhyl and llandudno
  13. Just moved to conningsby near lincoln wondering if there are many riders round this area ? Cheers