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  1. I've got say, bloody Nora Tarty has come a long, long way! Top work Ad, place looks great!
  2. I agree with Mark, some of them are pretty good... But can you please turn the off-camera flash down a third of a stop or so? You've got triggers, we get it. The fact I'm looking at them going "That's off-camera flash" rather than getting involved in the photo shows it's too hot. Also the washed out fad ended about two years ago. Don't be afraid of colour. It's fun.
  3. Left eye ain't a problem if you use Da Grip.
  4. Man rides through field, crashes into rock. This pic is only stunning if you like pictures of men's bottoms.
  5. WALLY! You're not American. You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong!
  6. A few sites got rid of their forums and just pointed straight to TF after Tom took Tenby Trials and made it a bit more... general. Ah, I remember when each area had it's own website, 'team' and photos scanned from MBUK Definately wasn't Section7! ~goes off to find T-shirt~
  7. So what happened?
  8. That's my workflow these days on my iPhone.
  9. Thin clients have been around for a long, long time, and the problem is always that local computer and speed of experience is both more powerful and responsive than anything possible over a commercial LAN - especially as the ISP has no interest in providing you a good experience, and spreading their bandwidth as thinly as possible. People like posh graphics, local storage, and running big complex apps like Office and Photoshop, even though something simple and free might fit their needs better. Anyway, PC hardware is so cheap, it'd be hard to have a commercially viable thin client at a significantly cheaper price when you'd need a hefty Internet connection to get a similar use experience. Small volume cloud storage, and access anywhere for certain files wrapped up in a simple interface is possible though.
  10. Bankruptcy? What's your credit rating like?
  11. Hahahahaaha If the "Have you been a refused a loan or got bad credit" people won't touch you, then you're in pretty dire straits. If the loan was taken out at (say) 8%, then moving it onto an 18% credit card is a bad move, especially if you credit score is so bad that the credit card people won't touch you. Your account won't have been frozen either, it'll be racking up interest and missed payment fees month by month. If there's a debt collection agency sniffing around too, then they'll want their fee too. £4k is not an insubstantial amount. The longer you defer too, the more charges rack up, and the more likely legal action will be taken to recover what money they can. Debt collection agencies and banks don't care about you, they want your money back. Right now, you have a large number of debt payments showing as unpaid. That does horrible things to your credit score. You can carry thousands of pounds in credit card debt, loans and overdrafts, but keep making they payments and show you can handle the debt, then you'll keep a good rating. Miss payments and you're stuffed. Get it paid back, get something formal in place and you can recover. Go speak to debt collection people or whoever you took out the loan with in the first place. Get the dogs called off, and get payments restarted. It's not in your interest or theirs to have unreasonable payment terms, so something smaller which you can *and must* keep repaying over a longer term will earn them more money, and mean you have the possibility of getting a mortgage or any form of lending in the future. Keep running, and chances are you'll never be able to get a contract phone, let alone any other borrowing in the future. Yes, you'll probably have to sell stuff and/or go without lifes luxuries now - maybe move back in with the folks - but it'll give you a future. That means no new bikes, blu ray players, iPod touches, King hubs, etc... If you're buying that stuff, why arn't you repaying the loan instead?
  12. Tim, I'll try and dig out a photo or two, don't know if I have them on a harddrive. May or may not have hydro fluid in the picture
  13. Funny looking at pics over time, you can see where people started buy digital cameras and the quality of shots leaps! I've got four ring binders of slides at my parents house - that was after I cleared out all the dross I'd been keeping. Got a stack of Fuji boxes to sort through too still... To think, I used to get through 80-100 rolls a year at least. Still, buying ten packs would get the cost down to about £6.50 a roll. I'd love to hand them over to a lab and have them all properly scanned and cleaned, post them somewhere as an archive of our sport... Addingham Moorside? Michael Graves in the blue Hebo and Matt Tongue in full factory Pash get up behind him?
  14. And the circle of life is complete... People were saying the same thing in 2003 when you were joining the forum!
  15. I'm pretty sure they don't care.