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  1. Mr travis. dont get goodridge hosing, it feel wank unless you use water and there is no point spending £27 on it imo... and yes i have used it. go back to plain old black stuff (Y) tis the best. oh ye and:offtopic: , urpedigreechumdog, your avatar looks like fat mike (Y) :D
  2. beasty pics (Y) prawn, your bike is never working, your allways saying something is wrong with it (Y) just cause your fat and cant ride it propperly :D
  3. them bonz cranks look like zoo ones! dont they? :"> just get some middleburns or tensiles you tit :o
  4. arg, im going to the next one! start of this year i said i would do all the series. missed both so far, :"> . need to send off for my licence :">
  5. ye i was going to say danny did, in the roadtrip video on that insane gap drop... matt_urban has done it as well and im sure there are a few others that have. i have to say, when i got my king and i looked at the size of the flange it is quite small and it made me think... but ah well, we will see :o . will it be covered on warranty?
  6. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH sam you fool, dont listen to hobbsie, you know he is a picksie :) watson is right, im getting a pitbull from select bikes , going to be awesome :o
  7. mine was fecking awesome and im not just saying this, but i really cant see it breaking any time soon... i will miss it :ermm: haha
  8. i got a gusset one with my wheel from tart for £5 (18 tooth) and he said that tartybikes are selling them aswell, so you could try them?
  9. (N) awesome video, stan is fecking good (Y)" got them side hops sussed. mike is a nuttah :sleeping: wtf, you crazy fool. haha. cool video there
  10. haha ye, we all like the killers, but come on (Y) Benito Ross = WHAT THE FECKING F**KING SHITTY WANKING BLAH BLAH. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! video werent put together all to well, but ah well we got a taster :lol: ...
  11. i didnt actually say it was shit dan :P . well i spose i sort of emplied it but i didnt say it out right :P they are OK rims, but arent they just tryall rims with eyelets? which we know are poo so you can kind of work with that... mine has pissed me off. my first viz rim lasted ONE week before being litterally square (thats the one i use in engage video 5) so it did take quite a beating. but still one week for £35 (Y) . i am using these 05 ones with the octagonal holes now and lets just say it isnt square and thank the lord i am getting an echo rim haha. :lol: a 2.5 maxxis minion on a wide viz rim fits FINE in the pures, just to clear that up with anyone else. and what are peoples problems with dan posting a topic like this? he just wants to make sure that it will be allright as he doesnt want to be messing around sending stuff back etc. im not having a go at anyone, but come on , this is a forum...
  12. matt b probably did it (N) haha looks MAD, really liking your style in that vid rowan. that side hop at the start is a lot bigger than it looks by the way >_< :ermm: . im with jonny on the tranistion, fading thing though. used it way to much you cocker :lol:
  13. your brake is probably wank cause you are spraying so much crap on it? just put a new grind on it and it will be mint, everyone else who uses koxx bloxxs with a grind have no problems? mine were also fine >_< how long has your brake been good after you sprayed the engine cleaner on it? i cant see it being good for long...
  14. weed is bad... i dunno if i will be able to come on any...dont have a bike and i am doing loads of overtime at work... :S
  15. you people need to get out more (Y)