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  1. After almost 2 years of owning (and rarely driving) the MX5, I thought it was about time to take it out and see what it / I could do together! Booked in an evening session at the Snetterton 300 circuit and had a great time - although the session was supposed to be 2hrs a large oil dump (as shown by all the sand) and a couple of accidents really limited running, but for my first time out on track really happy. The cars pretty standard and I'm not planning on spending a load of money on it (At £1,100 for the car I'll just drive it into the ground and update when things break). Any tips for improvement? I could bum feel a lot of areas where I could be quicker - especially in the higher speed corners, but didn't want to risk a higher speed off first time around! I'll build up to that in time!
  2. Yeah I don't see myself having enough time to be going mental for it but I'll stick my toe in and see how hard it bites. Its the 1.8VVT - you think cam is worth doing?
  3. Great thanks Adam! Been loving all your posts and how involved you've got - looks like your having a lot of fun out there! Hopefully the car can stay standard - the cars done 78k and not had a cam-belt change - I guess that I should really get that replaced straight away?
  4. Hey guys! Been a while since I've posted but have really been enjoying this thread - love the updates with all your videos and pictures for a while and has really kept my motivation for getting my own little project running for quite a while! So firstly massive props to you all I love it! Well times have changed for me - I've got a new role at work where I will get a company car (VW Passat so nothing to get overly excited about)- so my plan is to sell my car and get an MX5 for trackdays and sunny days driving! I've had an offer accepted and put a deposit on an '03 S-VT so hopefully the seller stays good to his work. Any advise on getting started would be great - things to check on the car, advise for trackdays etc. any help would be awesome! Loads of love to you'll
  5. When you being made redundant the worst thing is everyone safe in their job being like - "ah bad luck" or any shit like that. You may not know it but you are already hated - you can pay your over due rent! The less mentioned about it the better - yes I have been made redundant lol
  6. LURKER ALERT: I haven't ridden a trials bike in...... god knows how long - still got the BMX in the shed all bent and rusted! Interesting to see no one in the thread mentioning the change in bikes being an influencing factor. When I started out riding in..... 2003'ish the most important asset with your bike would be how strong it was. Build a tank with good reliable parts as cheaply as possible - load up your back pocket with tar - if you were a real pro wear Ribos and go out and ride. Fast forward to 2010ish bikes were light, unreliable and massevly expensive. The lighter bikes were far easier to ride so it became a competition between riders to have the best possible bike. I got on the hype wagon and got a Rockman Malade which I snapped first ride out. 60-70% of the bikes out on rides were suddenly £1k+ and it pretty much killed it off for me. Since quitting I have been interested in getting back into the sport but the cost is far too much to justify. Also the number of bellends coming on rides stopped people posting rides on here and made the whole scene far more click'y.
  7. Yea man just alive alive! I was actually thinking about it, but only got a BMX and broke my hand earlier in the week so looks like I'm shit outta luck! Haha
  8. Really excited about seeing these entrys, I can remember making this one: 8 years ago and being so excited to run away and upload it here. I sat next to the computer for ages hitting refresh to see if anyone would even bother commenting on it. I dont think anyone did haha. Good luck all
  9. Cheeky view over LDN
  10. He's trying to reach out so there no fear or rejection or anything like that and I mean what is there to lose? You seem to want to meet given the fact that you have posted this on a public forum - if you really had massive reservations like everyones been telling you that he's a downbeat drunk your whole life it may be a different situation. I would say Facebook could be a good shout given that you could message a few times without any danger of crossing boundarys that you dont want crossed too soon for you.
  11. Liked the vid guys, was a lot of really good riding in there. Don't let anyone put you off posting stuff up here - it's here for everyone to use not just the elite or digitally gifteds. All my videos sucked a lot more than that!
  12. F1

    Slowing someone down without ever getting close to each other says it all. It wasn't Hamilton in the car in front affecting you Rosberg it was the Hamilton in your head. He made such a big statement of how out qualifying Hamilton was critical for this race - once he had lost to Hammys banker lap it never was gonna be Rosbergs race either.
  13. When I first started trials riding I was paying for it with my £20 a week paper ground - lets be honest guys thats a lot of saving to buy a bike and then from then on its pretty much inner tube money.... Paying for insurance and comp fees was1 thing - but getting there and back was another. Whereas I could buy a kids train ticket and go to most city rides in the country (not up North of course) for £15. Sweet as a nut - good people - great riding - cheap and easy. Comp scene was serious, people wore lycra and most spots were in the ass end of no-where.
  14. Should be reet JD. Depends on the standard of reapir and amount of graft that you want to put in really - I fixed similar damage to my car for £70 but the car still looks like its been in a crash! (one of many!) Claiming will depend on no claims accrued, age, etc. Do some dummy quotes on a fake email using a fake name as see how it would affect her premiums before you make a decision. Glad shes all OK!
  15. So its that time of year start of the season and that. Anyone up for a Trials Forum Fantisy football league? League entry code: 1956379-438439 Not much point entering I guess cos' I'm going to win - but you can have a attempt I guess
  16. Danny were on the same wave length tonight. I've been looking at scalextric all night - gave mine to a charity shop 10 years ago
  17. Mate I'm not saying in a "f**k her off" way at all but youv'e know the girl for a year. For her to stop councilling because she has someone to talk to is complete bull. She needs professional help and guidance and you need to be there for when shes really low and needs someone who knows her best to pick her up. It is not your role to receive pictures from her and evaluate her body and tell her shes fine because to be honest whilst you think your helping her I would bet that really you are not. Of persons (and women especially) there are 2 sides to them. The rational and the irrational. You are trying to talk and reason with her rational self however in people who display this kind of behavoiur you will find that the rational has already gone right out the f**king window. Best thing you can do is get her help and be there for her. Don't get too attached either - remember you are NOT her counciller, you are not her parents, you are not a brother or sister, this is not a lifetime friend. People like this will grab the people who are kind enough to devote their time and efforts solely to them until it suits them. Basically as soon as you think "really your crossing the f**king line now" evalutate your position and change it.
  18. I just went for 5 years. More importantly than anything I know it ties my missis down for 5 years so she wont be hassassing me for a bigger place for 5 years. On a more serious note - you can increase the value of your mortgage if you move with the same providor at the same rate and the get out is only like 3% house value or something.
  19. Couple of questions: 1 - How does extensive experience on Forza relate to on track sucess? 2 - Will a 1 litre Yaris with a rusted exhaust be too loud for for a track? 3 - My tyres cost £30 per corner fitted - will these be sutible for a track day?
  20. Pretty f**ked with a 6 point CBT
  21. Right so me and the missis are buying a house. I've planned out my man room; I've bought the bar, scoping fridges, know the sofa I'm going to buy, planned the wallpaper and stenciling, found the dart board etc. (I have also planned out roughly the other rooms) Going house shopping fairly regulary and what is the only thing she will look at? Cushions and thows. Then. Cushions and thows. Then. Cushions and thows. Then. CUSHIONS AND f**kING THROWS If I see one more cushion I'm going to run myself over with my own car. **EDIT brought to bought as per Danns thread. Yea I'm just lazy and illiterate.
  22. F1

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck............. Even worse green flags waved....
  23. Tell her to have more respect. Can I think of anything worse than having a boner whilst talking to my mother. No. Grow up.
  24. Cash money or cleared in your bank account
  25. I don't want your old bikes I want MY old baby. Totally different thing.