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  1. hi mate its si the physio off here, send me a message with some contact details so we can talk about some strength work for the ankle, or you can give me a call if you want, its my thread lol.

  2. tis a tiny winy one though....but still a fracture - not worthy of sympathy lol - he's done worse!!
  3. just had a call off andrei, just finished at a&e after demos last couple days in derby............ on a fractured ankle!?!?!?
  4. Yeah been sorting Keiran out all week. i'm sure he'll update you lot on his diagnosis but it was a bilateral rupture. both inside and outside ligaments badly torn. he's got some decent pics of it looking pretty screwed so i'm sure he'll be glad to post them lol he's now being sorted properly and will be back on his bike later in the year.
  5. alright mark, yeah thats fine couple of things though - that thumb looked like it was more likely fractured than a "soft tissue injury" lol. if its still playing up let me know - if you are seeing anyone about your ankle make sure they are sports specific or specialise in lower limb disorders. also need to know about prolotheraputic procedures etc. get them to do an anterior drawer test and talar tilt test on the ankle as well and let me know what their findings are as these will confirm what exectly is up with the ankle and what needs to be done next to resolve it laters si
  6. i try and coordinate visits at same time as seeing others (non trials riders) that actually pay me. so if its on the way home etc......... i have a fulltime day job, looking after you lot is done in my spare time. just so long as you all get sorted properly eh? si
  7. souds like a bit of a footballers condition thats quite common. when you tear your aductor muscles the rest of the muscle group tightens up to protect it from any further trauma. whats probs best to do it see someone, however if you want, try gentle progressive groin stretches. look for some on the net if you want. then see if you can get the thing to stretch out., therefore stopping pulling on the weak area in the muscle. and therefore stopping the pain. try comparing your flexibility in both legs and see if the dodgy one is much worse than the good side? any questions gid a shout on msn si
  8. more often than not wrist injuries tend to end up being small fractures rather than sprains, especially if the pain is at the base of the thumb area of the wrist. swelling is also not good, so go a&e and get it xrayed as aprecaution mate let me know how you get on si
  9. if its the patella tendon thats been affected it can lead to additonal problems like patella tendonitis you dont really want to be getting this as its an ongoing thing thats really hard to clear up might be an idea we chat on msn or something so that we can be more specific wher the problem actually is si
  10. Top Tip mate however i would like to point out its easier if you dont get hurt bit of advice, those of you that kinda feel like you land a bit too straight legged might wanna learn to come down a bit more bendy knee darrens injury was as the result of him coming off his bike with his leg straight and hes asked me just to say that you guys gotta be aware of this and the consequenses of it i know its difficult to plan these things and falling off is a bit of an unknown quantity, however learning to fall while youre in your back garden practising might be a good thing to do......imagine the same scenario with parachutists!! si
  11. Alright guys, Darrens asked me to give you a "layman's" terms description of what hes done, been talking to darren over the last week or so while he been in hospital just to keep informed of any latest developments, as im sure a lot of you are aware the docs like to keep things fairly vague!! well we he had the results of the mri scan today and the injury is probably as bad as was first feared. its cause the femur has shunted down the leg rather than just dislocating sideways and staying at the same level this is darrens xray and leg shots to be perfectly honest its probable one of the worst they've seen as hes been told by the docs at the hospital and i'd agree its a biggie got to say that he's been amazingly up beat about it all and positive in his attitude. pretty much the attitude that its happened, its gonna be fixed, its gonna take a bloody long time but at least he's still alive and will hopfully be walking in about 6-8 weeks crutchless but with a knee brace the injury has basically ruptured everything that hold the shin bone to the thigh bone this is a knee looking from front on (so the kneecaps been removed so you can see through to the ligaments in the centre (cruciates) so the only thing holding the lower part of his leg to the upper part is the skin!! there is nothing holding the knee joint together all of 4 main ligaments have been ruptured lateral and medial outer ligaments down the outer sides of the knee and both cruciates he's going to have 2 operations first one is going to sort the outer lateral and medial ligaments by replacing them with artificial tendons and then i imagine in about 4-6 months when these have recovered, they'll then go in and reconstruct the cruciate ligaments. the reason they not doing the whole lot in 1 go is the amount of helaing required due to the amount of work that needs to be done will mean he will heal quicker in 2 stages at least by getting the first 2 ligaments repaired he will have some stability regained in the leg and be ok to walk and maybe ride (not trials) in about 10 - 12 weeks..........hopefully!! the cruciates are the main stability function in the knee so until they are sorted his knee can give way really easily so itll be gently does it until then im sure darren will let you know how things are coming on after his opertaion next thurs be thinking of you next week mate!! si
  12. xray mate, thers a tiny bone in the wrist at he bottom of the thumb where it meets the wrist called the scaphoid thats really easy to fracture and it just feels like its sprained. if it dont heal right it can give you soooo much greif with the wrist and thumb long term as there is a really shit natural blood supply there in the first place and the bone just dies away - scary i know - so best get xrayed and then if all clear treat as a sprain let me know how you get on though through a PM mate si
  13. If anyone wants to see me i'll be there i know a few of you want to have checkups on recent injuries but if anyone wants to specifically seem me for anything can you let me know either by PM or gis a call on my mobile 07830151250 si
  14. well backs and shoulders (if not giving a problem from a previous injury) can usually be down to poor posture. so you may have the wrong stance on your bike. what you got to remember is that to get the bike up, you got to yank hard on the bars. this aint a natural movement. do this day in day out and you gonna strain something or pull something however, i know this aint the answer, its just a possibility of the cause. you need to see if possibility of riding a shorter bike? (i aint a rider so this might not go down too well lol) or adjust the position you ride in so that you are not stressing the back too much. aching is generally ok, as long as you not in specific pain and the aching doesnt prolong for more than a day or so i think you really need to get someone to have a look at your posture, generally with the back and also when youre on the bike to see if a slight change in stance will help this go away si
  15. get hold of me on msn, mate si