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  1. Danny is doing the best stunts (ever) And chris is IMO the best rider (ever) I understant the disapointment here no double front flips from a castle in this video and maybe "nothing new" from Chris but this right here would be the ultimate goal of my mediocre riding career going from point A to point B, fast as f**k and with stupid style and flow
  2. power house!
  3. Love what u do man
  4. Please just make a regular vid once in a while... Aurélien is a comp monster and still has some amazing style
  5. well that was great dude's a machine
  6. amazing riding from Pierre-Charles BEAST!
  7. just gettin stupider and stupider what in the f...
  8. Yeah Pierre-Charles! That was great Can't wait for what's next
  9. that's just stupid I knew it would be insane stills blow my mind damn you
  10. I forgot this dude was actually pretty good! Glad u posted it here Ross, as I missed the vid from G...
  11. that was so random please make more! in all fearness to Aurelien, he is one of the coolest comp rider to watch. It's just a shame, that, as u said, most comps are pretty much who has the biggest side hops(not all the time but a lot though)
  12. yes yes yes!!!! the first hook at the end...was so clean, could have been brakeless
  13. incoming pain in 3,2,1 love Ali C hope u get better mate