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  1. Vid was Mint wigs, you've improved since i last ride with you ... Riding was good editing was good It's all good
  2. jon it's saturday u retard ... well me and connor are riding there on saturday ... ive made another topic for sat
  3. Front of station at 11:00 - 11:30
  4. Loved it, The riding and editing both were just total sickness ... tune went down really well
  5. whats the weather like there?
  6. Haha, Sorry Paul ... Life's just so much easier on a Mod
  7. Think I'm gonna be there
  8. LMAO !
  9. LMAO .... random, nice teddy u have at the start
  10. I'm there, Not riden in 2 months and now riding a whole new bike ... gonna be riding like a tit. thats leic by the way
  11. I havent seen you in god knows how long ...
  12. bout 5.10 now
  13. Thats at a industrail estate were me and snowy live fairly close to .... Cool place
  14. PS2 and XBOX
  15. Foook meeee, thats just looks total sickness ... I'm deffo having a copy