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  1. I had 2 Zebdis back in the day and I dont remember the rear disc mounts being up to it, more of an afterthought. Beware! Looks great though and a lot of fun.
  2. Literally don't know what you're on about?! What old adage? Thousands of people have had bargain second hand bikes to get into the sport. Old MTB frame resurrected? The wrong message to people starting out? Are you kidding? At the beginning trials riders were just on small MTB frames, which gradually developed into the modern things you see now. There is nothing wrong with people riding on whatever they have to hand. What possible reason is there to enforce some kind of barrier to entry for new riders where they think it's impossible unless they pour money into a completely specific bike? Everyone I knew started off on old small mountain bikes and made a few changes and learned to ride. We all went through phases of super low, super long, seatless... yadda yadda... most of us ended up back on Pashleys, Paces and Curtis, that ended up looking more like normal MTBs again - I could even ride across town and sit on a comfy seat. And session the streets on the same bike.
  3. haha no mate, i live in camberley when im back for xmas which is only 20 mins away, sorry!!
  4. nice one ill send you the outline of my questioning! a small ride would be good but they keep getting cancelled/moved (like tonight )... so ill do reading, if i still need footage ill sort that another time soon after, cheers!
  5. Hey Alex, was speaking to Nick, im going to come along and do some filming at this ride for my documentary, would be great if I could steal you for 10mins during the ride to ask a few questions, interview styleee? And obv film some sweet riding footage too. See you thurs!
  6. Alright guys, any more ideas/offers of helping out with us coming to your rides (Local to Lincoln! So Notts, Loughborough, Leeds etc - or even in Lincoln itself!) We'll definitely be at that Tyketrial round on the 2nd to film and try and interview some riders. Im just going to message a few people who offered help now and try and arrange some meets. Ta.Ben
  7. Cheers for the useful replies, please keep them coming because they WILL be read and acted upon! Especially looking for people in the Lincoln/Notts area to help out. The London ride - its a possible, but its around a 2 hour journey at least and I reckon we can get similar footage from somewhere more local - it doesn't need to be a massive ride, just one with a few decent and participating riders on it. But its a vague possibility. The Tyketrial, its on my list of things to do - I was already planning to phone to organisers to check its ok to bring a few beasty cameras up and film it and maybe arrange an interview with one of the people that runs the event. Keep the comments coming
  8. Hello, I used to ride trials about 2-3 years ago until other commitments got too much and I ended up stopping riding - its just the way things went. I'm now in my second year of a media production degree course at Lincoln University which is going extremely well - for my second piece of work this year we are to do a 10 minute documentary about whatever we feel fit to. I'm thinking do one about the representation of biketrials in the wider spread community - what adults of around 30-50 think about the sport, if they even know about it, and then to investigate why they think what they do. I'm expecting most to be fairly negative - touching on ideas like vandalism, being a nuisance and getting in the way, trespassing, etc. I then want to make a section about the riders of the sport talking about what makes it so great to provide a balanced view of biketrials from all perspectives. Possibly ending on a mid ground where the need for a trials arena/park would be the end of the documentary. I was wondering if anybody on here has any information on perspectives of adults on the sport - not your parents, cos they'll know what the sport is - but what you reckon people on the whole think about it. Also, what you think makes the sport great, i'm expecting ideas like good for fitness, social, personal challenge etc... My team will be shooting action footage in the Lincoln/Nottingham area so if you are anywhere near me and want to get involved with interviews, riding in it, or anything else that you think would be useful to me, contact me on Please discuss below, i'm looking forward to see what you think. If I can get enough support with this then not only will it help me and my team get a great grade, but it could also get put on television, be shown at film festivals and generally get some public attention. Cheers! Ben.
  9. im going to grow my hair for a year starting on new years day. not allowed to cut any length off of it for a whole year - apart from minor shaping and neatening. its currently quite long (fringe is about nose level) so this should be interesting!
  10. Hey hey hey Used to be a tf regular and rode for about 8 years! Had a few videos out a few years back - Ive lost them all and want them back just for shits and giggles... My site was called angle04 and im really after my videos of NASS, there was a good one of me riding in reading and various other ones. possible bikes id have been riding would either be a koxx 1065, black pash 26mhz or pace rc250t. let me know if youve got them... add me on and i can give you an ftp account to upload it to for me! ta Ben Jordan
  11. did anybody notice that at the end of se03e02 where ben is looking the tv screens where you can see stuff around camp, the top left one is the view from sayid's binoculars...
  12. this series is proving to be weird. as far as downloading it, proper funny.... suddenly realised yesterday (thurs) morning that s3e03 was out, got the torrent and started it, downloaded it in 2mins 12secs, 3.2mb sec over my uni internet. f**k yeh!
  13. im sure adobe can help, you send them money for their product, they give you a license for their product and bam, its working!
  14. im not taking the piss, they just look like they've had a wash, how much has all the stuff you reckon youve done to them cost!?
  15. can you get pics of what those cars were like before you sorted them out, as they just look like every other car ive seen in those shots!