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  1. "Absolute f**king dogshit"
  2. Damn, that's a good price, my 980 sold for more than that!
  3. Boooom. "I am thrilled to confirm I have now exchanged contracts in your purchase and completion is now fixed for 19th April 2021. CONGRATULATIONS !! A perfect excuse to enjoy a celebration or two over the Bank holiday weekend !"
  4. Third time lucky... "I have just received a call from the selling solicitors to say that they now understand the chain above is ready to exchange, with completion 19th April. For compliance on my file, please can you therefore each confirm I have your authority to exchange contracts (committing you to the purchase) with completion on this date."
  5. Someone has, somewhere, at some point. They do say buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do, so I guess in most cases it's a pain in the arse. It's worth it in the long run though
  6. So yeah, that didn't happen. I thought it was all going too smoothly, based on other peoples experiences, seems like ours is following the natural path after all!
  7. Expecting an email today to say we've exchanged, with a completion date of April 19th... excited is an understatement!
  8. Have a look at Dartmoor, I have a Hornet which is non-boost. Running 160mm fork. Very reasonable price too.
  9. Is there a way to swap the steerer? Just wondering if that tube can be swapped out to allow use of new forks...
  10. My partners family are from WSM, it's not bad, but certainly not the best... I call it Hastings with a paint job
  11. "just" an S4... Understatement of the year! That's awesome, love the wide look too, works really well with those wheels. Can't wait to get another toy to play with, posts like this definitely get the itch going again
  12. What's the blue (purple?) one? All I see is a big old turbo, which is never a bad thing
  13. Not only do the track cars not work, but the photo of them also doesn't... or is it just at this end?
  14. Last week: "Get your deposit together, it's show time!" This week: "Oh, seems like they're right at the start of the process still, hold off on the deposit". OK, SUPER.