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  1. Have you tried to negotiate the rent? Our landlord reduced ours to 2 weeks, which gave us time to move but also meant we saved £500. Worth asking, as they might want to get in sooner to tidy up / take photos.
  3. Life is cruel dude, I'm sorry!
  4. 'tis not Kurt, it's a D'n'B DJ / producer from back in the day, called Klute!
  5. I bought it!
  6. I think that one was on Facebook, or maybe eBay - either way, I contacted him and he didn't reply... It's been surprisingly difficult to buy one so far, I think a lot are reluctant / wife-forced sales which is why they don't reply. This is the one I'm going to see and hopefully buy on Saturday:
  7. I'm going to see a Tiger Cat E1 on Saturday, I have breakdown cover and insurance in place already (Which I can cancel on the day, if it's a shed). It looks and sounds great, so fingers crossed it's all good!
  8. Balls, just noticed that was in Staverton too, really not that far from me!
  9. I'm not a member on any forums yet, just the Strictly Kitcar group on FB. That one you linked to looked decent, leaves me a few quid to tart it up a bit too. I've seen a few bargains in the months I've been looking, but typically now I have the cash to buy they've all vanished - I guess fewer get sold in the summer months anyway. Hopefully this link works: Still haven't heard back from the chap selling it, hoping I can get up there tomorrow for a nose around it.
  10. To which one, and why? lol (Or are both shite?) I've found a 1.8 Zetec Westfield today which is just under £7k, looks very good for the money, certainly better than both of those I posted. Just waiting for a reply from the owner.
  11. Also have my eye on this... £6k offer perhaps?
  12. This one is in my watch list, by the way. Looks like it needs some cosmetic touch-ups.
  13. Adam and Sam, please keep an eye out for half decent, roadworthy Robin Hood / MK / Westfield / similar cars up to £6.5k. I've been looking a fair bit recently and now have the funds to do a buy. Scoured eBay / Autotrader / PH / FB Marketplace so far and haven't found much, well, I have for £10k or ones that are in Scotland, but that's too far to go and view one. There was a perfect one up earlier in the week but unsurprisingly it sold almost instantly.
  14. Just picked up this beautiful kitty
  15. No idea what you mean mate
  16. British Gas messed up our bills, so issued us a £600-ish bill when we moved... we set up a payment plan to clear it over a few months. They took it all today, in one hit. Cheers then. Energy companies really are assholes, I've never had a good experience with any of them.
  17. Well, we moved in just over a month ago... Since then I've redecorated the bedroom and built a new bed for it. Done a ton of improvements, mostly minor, which means I can focus on taming the garden now - it's hugely overgrown and is going to take a fair bit of elbow grease to sort. Just took delivery of our new sofa and chair, which barely fits in the lounge. We ordered it based on the floorplan before we moved in, so I suspect the floorplan wasn't entirely accurate lol. It fits, but it's quite a bit tighter than I was expecting! Loving it here though, it's so nice to be somewhere quiet and to have more space - I really felt caged in the two bed flat we had before, made worse by being stuck indoors for the majority of the 14 months since being made to work from home. Just being able to go downstairs or out in the garden makes a massive difference.
  18. It was worth a try I'm trying to arrange for some local folks to test out this kinda car on my driveway, I think you saw the post on FB - a local-ish guy has said he's happy to do it in his RH, so hopefully soon I'll know what I can get on the drive and into the garage. Realistically I won't be buying until July / August or maybe even a couple of months later, so no rush... Would be good to get one nearer the end of summer so I can tidy it up over winter if needed.
  19. If you want to sell it, just drop me a message...
  20. Depending on budget, a really nice setup is: Zen iFi DAC KRK Rokit 5 powered speakers That's a mid-range system that will give a nice punch.
  21. It's not too bad looking, compared to some of the previous Haibike releases
  22. How much are they up though? A spike doesn't mean it's game over... could go either way still. I've had some go up and then dip slightly, then go even higher... Most coins I see as a long game, rather than buy in and sell when they spike.
  23. They all have! All five coins I'm holding have dipped a fair bit. Still in profit quite nicely, but certainly not where it was a few days ago.
  24. Same thoughts here and also I don't feel I need it. If vulnerable folk and those that want it have it, I don't see an issue - for example, visiting my parents, my mum and stepdad and nan have all had it, so the only person at risk is me. I'm fine with that. There's a weird social thing of "you're killing people", but realistically if everyone else has had it (vulnerable, elderly, unhealthy, those that want it...), it's not really an issue is it?