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  1. Rotor make alloy spacers in 2 sizes 5.5mm and 8.5mm, see here - I would use a combo of them for the spacing of your cranks and chain ring/line, and have the bb threaded fully into the frame or 1 spacer each side if it was me. Looking at the picture of your left hand (non-driveside) bb cup, you really can't have much thread contact holding that in? For the alloy pre-load ring contact
  2. I personally would buy an Alloy pre-load adjuster when available, use x1 spacer each side of the bottom bracket cups and use alloy BB30 axle spacers to adjust chainline/excess. The more thread contact holding your bottom bracket cups into the frame the safer
  3. First and only video I've seen this year that makes me wish I still rode, such a good style. Who's the music?
  4. So myself and Doug were paired for the video comp and this is what we came up with. Doug emailed me his clips and I've put them together in a basic edit. Fairly pleased with it considering the circumstances. Enjoy Added a Vimeo link as Youtube was blocking the video on mobiles due to copyright on the music
  5. Filmed mainly in 2004, can't believe this was practically 10 years ago
  6. Fairly sure there wasn't an official video. Seen the odd clips on Youtube and Vimeo but nothing much
  7. Running 18-14t could you not just file the dropout to allow the wheel to go a bit further forward?
  8. Ran mine 18-14t without any issues. Same chain as well 610hx
  9. I used one called Splice a while back. Pretty basic features etc but does the job
  10. Do you already have the hub? Pretty easy to measure if yourself.