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  1. For those that missed the live stream, here it is (without ads and buffering issues!)
  2. I have an attachment on my commuter bike that lets me tow my trials bike, I use it all the time, way easier than riding the trials bike. Basically you need a bike with a rear rack, then attach a board or something to the end, put some velcro straps on it. I flip the trials bike over, strap the handlebars onto the board, then the rear wheel of the trials bike rolls behind the commuter bike. I'd post a picture if I had one, makes more sense if you see it. Works quite well actually.
  3. I've run Neon 26" single wall rims for 2 or 3 years (still have one on the front) and have found they are definitely a softer aluminum than most other rims so they don't hold a grind quite as well. That said, the quality of the grind and your grinding technique is everything. I've used Rockman blue, TNN LGM, and currently running Coust pads with the Neon rims and they all worked quite well as long as the grind was good. I can get about 3-4 months out of a grind before I need to regrind. Get a grinding disc like this one if you don't have one already: Use very light pressure (I don't push against the rim at all, just let the weight of the grinder do the work) and go very slowly at around a 45 degree angle, being careful to be even throughout the rim surface. This technique (with that type of grinding disc) produces by far the best grinds I've tried. I've used many other grinding discs and pressures but none compare in sharpness or longevity. Hope this helps.
  4. Only in the trials world can a company put out a new full carbon frame with an ISIS bb and qr dropouts and people think it's awesome lol. Pretty sweet frame for 2006.
  5. It is fairly hot, you wouldn't want to go there in the summer, but in the winter it's great, usually around 15-23C or so during the day down in the desert. It's cold up in the mountains though, they get snow regularly in the winter.
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. For me they didn't have to bed in at all, worked amazing immediately, but I did have a fresh grind the same time I put them on the bike. Not sure why yours would be taking longer to bed in, but as with any pad, make sure they are hitting the rim as squarely as possible and the rim is free of contaminants.
  8. I've been using the Jitsie pads on the rear for 3 months now and they are some of the best pads I've used, at least on par with TNN LGM and Coust in my opinion. Funny, I've actually found them to be some of the loudest pads I've used as well, a bit higher pitched noise than most pads, but still quite a squeal. I'm running them on a Trialtech Carthy rim FWIW. In my experience, the quality of the grind (and rim material to some extent) can make as much if not more difference than what pads you're running though.
  9. I took a trip down to Arizona in the southwestern U.S. for some warm weather and sun. Many great riding spots in this area, such a pleasure to ride.
  10. I would call your bar rolled forward yeah. Not super extreme, but enough so I would go for the Breath bar over the Trilite if it was me. Also, something else to consider for cockpit comfort, my general rule of thumb is if your bar is rolled further forward than the angle of rise of the stem (yours is) then you might consider using a lower rise stem so you don't have to roll the bar as far forward to get the same hand position. Since you're running the 150 x 30 Echo stem, switching to something like a 145 x 25 Crewkerz/Clean/Bonz stem would keep your reach the same but allow you to roll the bar back a bit while maintaining the same hand position (relative to the rest of the bike).
  11. The Breath bar will be much more comfortable rolled forward because it has less sweep. If you run the bar at a fairly normal angle, either bar will be fine.
  12. Took a trip down to Lake Tahoe California to ride some of the amazing spots there, here is the video. Couldn't find a song that I liked for it so no music sorry.
  13. Was fun times for sure, so many good places to ride! Thanks for putting it together Albert.
  14. Super cool natural spot in Idaho, USA I visited earlier this year..
  15. I have to chime in, as a comp rider who can watch comp footage all day but normally gets bored with street trials videos pretty quickly (yeah, blasphemous I know), I have enjoyed watching some of your vlogs Ali. It's fun to watch the process and it seems like you're genuinely enjoying making them as well. They have motivated me to get out and ride even if my riding style is nothing like yours whatsoever. I appreciate that you're taking the time to make them, I know what a pain in the ass filming can be. I also agree that vlogs are a good way to appeal to younger riders.