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  1. sickening. mans got skills, nice too see your still stunting, will ride again soon mate! x
  2. liams ridin and i will too numbers in the other topic in the non gay members rides topic.
  3. ill ride 07858396367 x
  4. keep this one for more than a month though danny, looks amazing, bet you ride it like a god.. toms bikes sex, black on blackness.... billxx PS: since when have i ridden with damon everyday?
  5. im 16. im made of aluminum, and spit. thanks for the comments, nice to hear from you all.. all this video really is, is a load of clips i had from last spring/summer that i wanted out of the way.. that way i can show off in my next video when you realise im a smidgen better than that i know its repetitive, it got on my tits towards the end, not my best video by far, but it will do for now thanks. bill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. cheers for uploading dad. comments would be nice, i can already gues whats coming though :$ xxxpeacexxx
  7. im coming tomorrow. get in a line and you can all go through me? peace xx
  8. tires look lite. nice bike xxx
  9. sickening... absolute super-girth-power-machine-sexy style... love it! xsonx
  10. trials uk's wank... im sponsored by em apparently. haha. its great waiting f**kin months for parts that aren't what you ordered... hes never online anymore, i get the feeling hes f**ked up. ill just go to tartybikes from now on, even though i went to them while i was sponsored by dan anyway because theyre reliable, ill just make sure i save my hard earned money properly and invest in the quality products they have to offer... night billx
  11. mint video, loved the riding, song was abit too much but it fit the bill so makes me wanna ride more... great stuff, keep it comin... xx
  12. congratulations on your bike. i might make a vid of me throwing my bike too, goes down real well.. riding wasn't bad. big. style made me ill though.. nice work, billx
  13. that was mint, guy on the GU was doin some right funky moves! jacobs got loads better too.. good stuff billx
  14. that wass siiiiiiiiiiicccccccccckkkkk!!!! to say there 'unwanted' makes me feel poo:( you leg-end, keep up your sick stunts you c*nt! billo-the-retard brother of borat x
  15. well that was... nearly every clip of craig was a sidehop, asif its the oni move he does? dont try do this agen. ever. yeh, billx