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  1. 35 and no kid.
  2. A mate tells me about `working tax credit`, says it's a cash incentive from the government available to people on low incomes and I should ring them up to see if I'm entitled to anything. I'm doing about 38hrs a week / £230ish take home (thought I didn't have a chance!)... so after giving them a quick call to get them to send me some forms and filling them all in (was a bit of a pain!) I gets a letter saying they will give me £1500 per year on top of my wages! £750 paid into my bank account straight away - back pay from April, and £50ish quid a week after that! Bloody nice one! Everyone else I tell this too doesn't seem to know anything about it, so here's a heads up for you guys if you didn't know? Web info: here Number I rang: 0845 302 1415 Give it a go!
  3. Wow, it's sex wee in pants time! They are feckin gorgeous mate.
  4. Wow, well impressive!
  5. I'll give you a kidney for it?
  6. Great vids, love your riding style... and another vote for stock!
  7. Have a good one mate!
  8. No worries mate, glad to help!
  9. All done, cleaned up the first a little!
  10. I can't believe it... all these lives cut short.
  11. Nope... B&Q give it away for free!
  12. Yeah don't be put off using V-brakes, they can be just as good if not better with the right set-up... and WAY easier to set-up and look after.
  13. Happy Birthday man!
  14. Had a moan to Ebay... got this back. Not quite as bad as it seemed, but still shitty!