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  1. Hey dude, just bought a bike after quite a few years out. There's another lad in Hull I know who rides so will fire over a message when we're next out and my bike arrives.
  2. Maybe even some sort of pay to watch service?
  3. Did this ever get put online?
  4. Because 24inchers I believe.
  5. Thought I would pop this beauty up from when I used to ride. Also really intrigued to see if anybody on here is still knocking about on it as I can't recall who I sold it to??? Would love to know!
  6. About a year ago there was a video out called forwards, it was on vimeo but for the life of me i cant seem to find it. It was a long video, around an hour, alot like the get videos or trial media. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Anybody know where the best place to buy a second hand road bike might be? i.e a forum like this one? or is it just a case of looking through ebay?
  8. oops. thanks for that. Im that used to spelling it correctly haha.
  9. Hi, I'm hoping to grab the attention of a moderator here, my account has recently been changed to pre-members Im assuming after a topic was created named 'Trail bikes are gay'. This happened after my flatmates went on Facebook rape frenzy and then decided they see what else they could get me on. I just wondered if my full rights could be restored? Its quite obvious that it wasn't me for the simple fact that i've been a member for about 5 years and 'trials' was spelt 'trails'. Any help?
  10. Hey guys, me and my flatmate recently set up our own music blog for a bit of fun, it includes a lot of dance and electro from my flatmate, whereas I like to include some indie and alternative stuff. Generally though we plan to have a nice broad range of music going onto there so please head over and check it out at the following links. (By the way i figured it would be okay to advertise the blog on here as its just for fun and non profitable?) http://arrhythmiamusic.blogspot.com/ We're also on facebook so go ahead and like the page and share with your dear friends! http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Arrhythmia/123400484383592 Thanks a lot, hope you enjoy what goes up there.
  11. Did you sell your 24Uk or is it still for sale?

  12. Hey, give me a text about the 24uk on 07794254447 :)

  13. Got the money for your 24UK so will buy if you still have it .