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  1. Yessssss, Honda love! Looks nice man. The wheels are Honda Fat Fives, to be honest not *too* rare, but certainly desirable! Rare as shit in Australia though, literally can't find a single wheel ha. In car news, I'm back in a Honda, have been for a while I also have a YouTube channel now which covers a lot of the Australian car scene, if interested. At the weekend Kia gave me a Stinger 300S, it was insanely awesome. Can not recommend enough. I've also managed to get my hands on a Civic FK8 to review a couple of months ago - again a fantastic car. Nice to see some great whips in here still!
  2. Haha yup, sunny worthing to sunnier Perth Thanks Ben, it's good to be back on it again, good to see you still around too!
  3. Imagine zero people will know who i am, but as you can see from my join date, been here a fair old while. Been thinking to get another bike for a while now and Bike Trials Direct had an awesome sale which i had to take advantage of. Meet my new Echo Pure! Also to prove i can still ride it, heres me dropping of my house mates UTE. Was pleasently surprised considering i've not ridden for probably 5-6 years now! If anyone knows of any riders in Perth, or anyone keen to try it and get into it, let me know, i'm looking for friends haha. Feel like i'm back in f**king high school.
  4. Haha, got camber.
  5. Looks good man, I love black on black cars. Want a black on black PS13 with brick headlights so bad.
  6. I moved here just over a year ago, best thing i ever did. Food is expensive, drink is expensive, everything is expensive except fuel and hygiene products. It is how ever amazing. I can't really expand more on what's already been said except cement the fact for how awesome this country is. I'm in Perth which is also the more boring side - and there is still HEAPS to see. I filled 3 weeks with doing something different every single day when my ex came over to visit, and still missed of loads.
  7. Not at all sadly, it really is difficult. If i the police so please, my car is illegal. It could get yellow stickered (defected vehicle) in a heart beat, just something you have to live with. I've kept my standard suspension and camber arms so would have to swap it all out to pass the pits. Easy enough, little harder with the DET engine in and different transmission. I will get yellow stickered, have to learn to accept that, how you deal with it is what count's. Some time's it's simply easier to buy an Excel for 200$ and make the Silvia a track car and drive it on permits to events and super late at night for major illegal fun. Laws are, no other way to put it, f**ked here. Doesn't stop people though, i've seen some crazy cars here, so much money floating around that people do what ever to them. Way's and mean's to everything.
  8. SR20DE Auto at the moment. Have SR20DET with S14 Ball Bearing turbo and manual box sitting in garage waiting to go in. Need a few more parts and my diff welded then it's good to go. Will be used to have fun, and some open drift days if i'm good enough. Already got steering wheel, seat and few other bits and pieces too. Might drop down to 17's though, or get it lower on the 18's though, they just seem a bit too big at moment but i think that's cause the HSD's are maxed out.
  9. Common fault on BMW's is for the strut top to fail and the strut pushes through, could also be that. Can i just say, holy shit Prawn, would hardly recognise you man, epic. To stay on topic;
  10. Wait what, one computer? How many graphics cards do you have?!
  11. 1. TB Mansfield, ng17 2. Mike, TN34 3. Robin, Chard, TA20 4. Jardo, Plymuf, PL2 5. Spunky, Norwich NR16 6. Jolfa, Cornwall TR12 7. Rainbird, PL4 8. Dan. MK18 9. Steve MK7 10. Skoze, Brighton BN2 11. Simon. Perth. 6155 .... jokes.
  12. You know, even just on some coilover's and alignment sorting they are amazingly fun cars, hell, even standard me and a friend have had some fun times. Personally i think EK9's and some JDM DC2's are heavily over priced, but ultimately you are getting a 1.8, 200bhp, 9k piece of awesome fun, and in my opinion if you'd done the same level of modifications that you've done to the Audi to an Integra, you'd have an admittedly slower, but much more capable car. The only problem with Integra's is they have to be driven fast to enjoy. The lack of torque makes for a slow drive just being a normal one like any other car - which i guess for some is half the reason for getting one, but for someone who enjoy's driving, you need to drive it hard to really enjoy it.
  13. f**k the Lambo and Ferarri, the unwrapped P1 is so amazing. Such a stunning car and the stories of the engineering behind it make it even more appealing.
  14. Massive generalisation i've never seen them at car meets here and you can buy them off the shelf at Walmart. People buy them and use them in the hills late at night, or if you brave, during the day. There is always a chase car warning of coming cars. Flash of high beams and we pull over. We aren't going slow though so usually we complete the run before they get annoyed ha. Should try it, it's awesome fun, especially in the right multi storey. The one in Bristol for example with the circle ramps, be awesome.
  15. Not many places you can do it Perth, but it's super fun. We went round the city one night till like 3am, was amazing. Most people here weld solid axles into either end from a go kart, let down the tyres, slide big PVC pipe over the top then pump up tyres to seal them on. So much fun.