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  1. Watched Aquaman the other day... absolute drivel. Jason Momoa might be a hit with the ladies, but he's f**king useless as an actor.
  2. Only had one Alfa myself, a 145 cloverleaf, which was faultless. My old man has had loads; Spiders, GT Junior, Alfasuds, multiple 33s, 75s, and 155s, all Cloverleafs. Think out of all that,one had a cambelt let go (as it pulled away from a junction) and that was it!
  3. Really miss my old Pashley, such a cool bike. What number is that, not many in black!
  4. Idea is it encourages people to go for moves and clean things, rather than take strato dabs. You accrue points as you progress through the section and don't come out with nothing if you end up falling off going for the last move etc. Trying to move comps away from glorified french climbing comps, to a competition that pushes the riders to go for things.
  5. I wish people would give me the option to pay a little extra and not use them. I won't send anything with them, they aren't always that much cheaper anyways. Complete false economy. Hope they find it Dave!! Trials or MTB?
  6. I dunno mine was spotted riding around Portsmouth years after some scally nicked it from my halls of residence
  7. PIck up my freshly rebuilt engine in the next day or two. Time to wrap it in industrial cling film, garage is currently a wood shop and it think sawdust and engines would not mix. So i'll leave it on the stand wrapped up until I can get up to Somerset and start taking the S3 apart. Lots and lots to do, so little money, even less time. Much fun and scraped knuckles to come.
  8. I ran a neon rim on the front of my old stock and i couldn't find a pad that worked to be honest.
  9. Any engineering workshop should be able to do it, pillar drill, tap set (might not have both left and right thread?) and a grinder. What cranks are you shortening? By how much? And why?
  10. Good work on getting those flywheel bolts out, that could have been so much worse than it was! What compressor wheel is that? Ebay 7+&?
  11. What type of brakes are they? Claris is a touring groupest, they tend to have longer levers.
  12. No is ever going to believe you Rowan, i'd be happy with a Guillermo M. style 30 second teaser video that's only on line for 5 minutes. Give the people what they want!
  13. Apologies to the front wheel drive forever crew, but I bought a fakefourwheeldrive car (8L S3). Fairly tidy standard car that needs a little bit of paint, but to say i paid less for it than I did for my A3, i'm pretty happy Will get a few pics up later.
  14. Communist.
  15. You'd probably find that most of them are fairly intelligent people; that doesn't mean they have the ability to empathise nor have a compassionate bone in their bodies. Dave you do realise that most people view you as the forum hobo that hangs around and pops up every now and again with unhinged ramblings that nobody pays any serious attention to. Have you thought about changing your approach and actually forming a well thought out, structured and supported argument to any of your points? It may stop people just ignoring you and what you're saying; or responding to your comments like you're some jumped up little crack head that's spent far too much time watching shit and reading stuff you find on-line, and then promptly spewing it out parrot fashion without really demonstrating any understanding of the subject you're talking about Back on election nonsense: This election is almost making the US' choice of an Epic Douche or a Turd Sandwich look reasonable. We've got lovely Jeremy and his Labour lot, who have got some really nice ideas (many of which I agree with), but the thought of them actually trying to implement any of them scares the crap out of me! They make the conservatives look competent and that's a scary thought. I don't like many of the Tory policies, although some I do totally agree with. But, though they seem like they might be able to pull off some of the things they're promising, I don't think I'd want them to, they don't have the majority in mind with their policies and they're bankrupting the NHS/Police Force!