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  1. Well after all that our buyer pulled out...fortunately it was on the market again and sold within 24hours, for £5k more than than I accepted last time. Just want it all finished now! Survey on our house again in 2 weeks and then hopefully it'll go through to completion.... everything crossed!
  2. I've suffered with dodgy shoulders and back for years due to climbing and spending far too much of the working day in front of a computer. I've had to get in the routine of warming up and stretching out at the end of a climb, trapped nerves and muscle impingement occur fairly regularly if i don't. Lockdown was the worst for me, sat at my desk 5 days a week and out of the routine of stretching because no regular exercise/indoor climbing/motivation. Massively regret that now, stiff and sore and can't lift my left arm above shoulder height without pain, I've been back climbing two weeks and definitely feel better for the exercise having a regular stretch; the pain and restricted range of motion is easing slowly... I'd get on it Dave, just some basic stretches to ease out everything; you'll be surprised by how much it helps! On a side note, selling a house is stressful!!! Just want to move into our new house already!
  3. The joys of trying to keep fit in your 30's.... what are you like with stretching/yoga?
  4. Decided to get an estate agent in to see if was worth doing any work to the house prior to putting it on the market.... a week later it's sold! Went with Yopa for an estate agent, local bloke and his daughter working effectively self employed under the larger companies banner; their prices were what attracted me £500-800 less than others had quoted. Everything with viewings and offers goes through the Yopa portal and is really easy to use. Got an offer accepted on a house which will suit us to the ground, driveway, garage and garden. Most importantly not in the middle of Plymouth. Needs no real work apart from specifics we want to do and good location for taking the dog out: Everyone in the chain seems lined up ready to go, just crossing everything that no one pulls out!...
  5. A promotion opportunity came up at work, threw my CV in a few weeks back to show interest without thinking anything of it. Got an invite to interview which was last Wednesday, thought i'd ballsed it right up! Had a phone call yesterday to say i'd got the job. Well happy, definitely a nice surprise before the new year
  6. I feel your pain, mid-life/lock down spread has hit and the love handles have grown! Food was one of life's few pleasures during lock down and my eating habits haven't returned to pre-LD levels. I'll just add "be less fat" to the to-do list.
  7. They will fit, how good they will be, especially on a stock is questionable. The rear disc mount on that frame isn't up to much either, so I wouldn't want to be pushing it too hard.
  8. Looking good,Improving all the time! I'd love to have a TIG welder to give this all a go. Found it properly therapeutic when I did a course a few years back. How much did your plant set you back out of curiosity?
  9. Always used to use Heatsink yellows on a smooth rim, that was a long while ago.
  10. No idea where you'd get a custom stem made, wouldn't be cheap! What bars are you looking to run that are 22.2 mm clamp diameter?
  11. I've always been a bit sceptical that stabbing someone with needles would release tension and pain, but thought i'd give it a go as my shoulder had been giving me pain for 18 months of so. I had one session at a well reviewed, reputable physiotherapist, I described my shoulder issues, has a quick consult , was recommended dry needling and booked myself in for a treatment. The experience was uncomfortable and at times painful, I lost sensation in some areas and had reduced mobility with other muscles. Coincidentally had previously worked with the chap that was now shoving needles into me, at a bike shop, he was the manager and fairly useless; but very sure of himself. Did some research and found the owner of centre, the actual trained physio gets very good reviews... the chap who i saw I is a trained massage therapist, that's it. No other formal qualifications or training that related to physiotherapy or sports injury treatment. Didn't go back, found another sports injury therapist; she was brilliant and with a lot of work and consistently doing the exercises set i've sorted my niggles...... touch wood. TLDR; Got stabbed with needles with someone that didn't know what they were doing. Don't.
  12. What's she likely to put out with a disco potato on it? Looks lovely and clean.
  13. It's a sprocket design (thread size) unique to Halo supadrive/bushdriver compatible hubs. I doubt anyone else sells anything that fits, it's a dirt jump hub and there aren't many riders running that rear sprocket size or that width chain
  14. Unsurprisingly, HALO sell them....:
  15. Well that's not true, otherwise you wouldn't refer to it as a 24" BMX, which it clearly isn't. So either you're just niaive and need to be educated or your intentionally being obtuse to get a reaction. Based on your attitude over the years to anything other than a long low silver comp trials bike, i would say it's probably the latter. Sweet vid!
  16. Problem you'll have with running those and the coust pads, which are already very thick, is they'll add even more width to your brake set-up and limit the width of rim you have. You'll want decent CNC backings , then with some patience, time, a sharp stanley and some epoxy; you'll end up with some awesome vee pads. Or maybe just pick up some TNN Vee pads?
  17. That muscle up vid was a winner, think he might have been trying to flog the hat and hoody or summat...
  18. Watched Aquaman the other day... absolute drivel. Jason Momoa might be a hit with the ladies, but he's f**king useless as an actor.
  19. Only had one Alfa myself, a 145 cloverleaf, which was faultless. My old man has had loads; Spiders, GT Junior, Alfasuds, multiple 33s, 75s, and 155s, all Cloverleafs. Think out of all that,one had a cambelt let go (as it pulled away from a junction) and that was it!
  20. Really miss my old Pashley, such a cool bike. What number is that, not many in black!
  21. Idea is it encourages people to go for moves and clean things, rather than take strato dabs. You accrue points as you progress through the section and don't come out with nothing if you end up falling off going for the last move etc. Trying to move comps away from glorified french climbing comps, to a competition that pushes the riders to go for things.
  22. I wish people would give me the option to pay a little extra and not use them. I won't send anything with them, they aren't always that much cheaper anyways. Complete false economy. Hope they find it Dave!! Trials or MTB?
  23. I dunno mine was spotted riding around Portsmouth years after some scally nicked it from my halls of residence
  24. PIck up my freshly rebuilt engine in the next day or two. Time to wrap it in industrial cling film, garage is currently a wood shop and it think sawdust and engines would not mix. So i'll leave it on the stand wrapped up until I can get up to Somerset and start taking the S3 apart. Lots and lots to do, so little money, even less time. Much fun and scraped knuckles to come.
  25. I ran a neon rim on the front of my old stock and i couldn't find a pad that worked to be honest.