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  1. thanks for the suggestion. loving your bike!
  2. Hi guys, it's been a while! During lockdown, and during the recovery from a motorcycle crash, I built up this beasty. it used to belong to Ali C. it's been a real treat for me to take my time with this build - my bikes have always been a rolling project and never quite how i'd liked them . once i'm back up to speed ill be riding it! arcade frame and fork, custom painted in dark metallic blue with xirallic added (it really sparkles in the sun ) and hand written 'arcade' logos, spank rims with hope pro 2 hubs, dmr axe cranks with machined spider and machined and flipped inspired bash ring to suit, inspired pedals, inspired arcade bars, bbb stem, hope headset, carbon spacers, magura mt5's with shimano rotors ( 203 rear and 180 front), hope adaptors, mostly titanium bolts. looking to change the seat and post for a lighter set up, suggestions welcomed! i would also love to one day have a silent clutch rear hub, but they're fu&*$%g pricey! Will
  3. very impressive! im a bit blown away by how light this thing is!
  4. lovely stuff!
  5. Ace! That line at 1.55 was right up my street!
  6. 'Dngr2self' What's your problem? They're riding and enjoying themselves and seen to want to share it. They might not be pro editors but who cares.. Good riding guys!
  7. A few of us are heading to bride stones in Yorkshire for a ride, can't bloom in wait! Iolo is heading back to Canada for a while so its a good excuse for a get together. Here's a video of the place, looks great! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lDjTvwhQg_M
  8. really enjoyed that, i'd love to make a trip out there sometime!
  9. hey chaps, getting rid of some parts that some of you may be interested in, including a couple of sets of alloys. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/will5295/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3686
  10. that was insane. brilliant stuff, couldn't help but gasp and cheer at some of Ali's moves!
  11. Well, here's my Bm for anyone that's interested. today was a bit of a breakthrough day as it's the first time it's been out of the unit since i bought it months ago. it's now driving and stopping (just!). even though i'm now at this stage there's a whole load of stuff still to do before i get a ticket - so i better get back to it........
  12. awesome stuff Ad!
  13. May as well chuck some photo's of the car that's taking up every waking minute of my time... loads of work done since buying it 3 months ago, and a heck of a lot of work still to do... can't wait to get it on the road though
  14. what's that front tyre like? looks like a good alternative to the usual..
  15. YES man! although looks like a hope trial would go well on the rear of that heh
  16. that was brilliant. given me much inspiration for riding!
  17. you're on a 24" tom? which class did you enter?
  18. looks nice, what size sprocket are you using at the back? i'm guessing it's an 18t at the front..
  19. that was ridiculous. awesome riding, really pushing it, both of you!
  20. yeah that's true. and i forgot to mention the terrain, it's all pretty decent tbf, lots of sea defence rocks and some pretty unusual street
  21. there are a few riders dotted along the coast but i wouldn't describe it as booming there are 4 riders in bangor including myself, 4-6 riders in llandudno area, i think a few in wrexham and a couple in rhyl. as for chester i dont think there are many - and the riding there isn't great. as for nightlife and things to do otherwise, chester is pretty decent imo.
  22. matt, you gotta stop eating weetabix in the mornings! huge stuff! last time i rode with you in preston you were at the far end of that wall and it was still impressive!
  23. bonjour. who knows if one these front brakes : works with a 160mm rotor? i believe they're provided with a 155mm rotor..
  24. cheers fellas