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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the Onza genesis 20" bottom bracket axle width that originally came on the bike? I know the bb shell is 68mm
  2. I bought a set of breeth disc forks in the end, hopefully they suit the frame. Does anyone know what bottom bracket axle width came on the original genesis, I know the BB shell is 68mm but unsure of the axle width? Cheers
  3. Does anybody know the offset of the Onza genesis 20" forks (original purple forks)??
  4. Thanks Adam, right I need to find some 45mm+ forks then. Not easy on my budget though, lol
  5. I am selling a 20" koxx level boss (long) on EBAY £290 + £20 P+P;Category=33503 cheers
  6. No offense m8, But i havent got time to wait around talking sh*t on the forum untill i get upgraded to a different account.