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  1. I was meaning a paint shop, where they sell actual tins of paint. I've got a compressor at home and a gun although I may buy one I know is actually decent and fancy having ago. I planned on getting a space heater and using that to help bake paint on.
  2. Well I've decided to keep the corrado and spruce her up so ill get some pics up in the coming months as I hopefully get some bits done to it. Plan is to improve it obviously but keep it looking as if thats how it could of come out of the factory. One of first things is wheels, imgoing to refurb a set myself and have always wanted to try painting I remember someone saying that there dad I think it was owns a paint shop??? Tom booth may be?
  3. Yeah some valid points there, and I have a similar mind set to you I think. I don't like getting other people to do stuff I like to do it myself and try and improve upon things, I'm an engineer so it links in.
  4. Vr6 turbos are a thing of beauty but its a waste of time unless you get 4motion running gear and alter car, but they sound great! Any thing with a turbo in my eyes is the dogs dangles. Its hard to decide because as you say they are super cool, I think so anyway. I could get 240bhp out of it with out to much tuning and it would be a fast car at that. Or I could look at something like a e46 330 which would take a lot more tuning and still be a daily.
  5. am after peoples thoughts, especially as some of you drive a mix of fwd and rwd at different stages of tuning. ive got a corrado vr6 which i love and is standard with konis on. im at that stage of should i throw a load of money at it or tart it up and look to upgrade in the future. my reason is if i throw money at it, visually it will look spot on in my eyes and i love the car in that sense but i feel that if i up the power i am wasting my time as fwd will only take so much before just spinning up and under steering everywhere? when i could look to get rwd or awd.
  6. try brent acre insurance company. they seem to look at older cars in a different light to all your other big firms as they see that people by them as they are vw enthusiasts ect. they specialise in modified,tuned, classic, kit cars ect so know all about cars. they are insureing me on the corrado 2.9l v6 which no compare site would even give me the time or day. for cars like this that are older your better off ringing up insures such as these plus footman james, adrian flux and so on.
  7. a few pictures of my new corrado vr6. absolutely loving it such a nice car to drive slow and fast. got so many ideas but no money to do it with yet sadly. sorry for poor pictures there off my phone and rotating them reduced quality.
  8. decided that id like to get into photography a little. ive tried doing a little bit of research and fancy getting a dslar camera, i don't see point in getting a point and shoot camera to play with just to go and then buy another camera later on, id prefer to jump in feet first, do people think that's the right idea getting a dslr? id only be looking to spend around £300 to start with and just get a jist of what im doing and how things work, so might look for a 2nd hand camera if there's no decent deals going on new ones. And then i can always look into buying different lens later on if I get into it. ill probably end up taking a lot of pictures of cars and motor trials and if i do build my bike back up may be some trials. has anyone got any recommendations on what i need to look for in a camera and what camera I should get?
  9. making your own system wont really be that hard if your not doing a manifold. i wouldn't mig it, you could do. stainless wire and a 5%argon co2 mix gas i think it is. if you mig it you'll have a hell of a lot of sanding to do to get it nice and it would be a ball ache in the corners to sand with the right tools. tig will give a pritty weld if done right that you could just leave. also for the price of wire it would be just as cheap to get local fabies to weld it with tig. you can usually even by tubes with bends in it now for stuff like this off ebay ect.
  10. well looks like you did the right thing in taking pictures. but if you didnt next time make sure you take pictures of your car and the other car and how they both lie in the road as well as the drive and other people in the car. it'll all help in fighting your case. you get that in every case usually especially with people young they come out all guns blazing trying to scare you into taking the blame. just give them shit back and make sure you dont back down. if you was on your side of the road then you should be in with a chance of winninng the case.
  11. im back on with climbing now after dislocating my elbow. got back to point where can do v4's starting to look at 5's now. just have to be careful not to strain the arm. doing a bit of leading every now and then at about 6a level. looking at upping to 3 times a week now and a bit of gym in between so I can get some more strength for summer when I can get outdoors.
  12. dont quote me on this as ive never really looked at one or at it. but on the R1 motorbike they have an ex-up valve which is a butterfly operation. now i dont know if it is to improve preformance by changing the back pressure at diiferent rpm or soley for noise. either way that only uses one silence and baffles. be worth looking at im sure.
  13. yeah, just give us a message sometime or hit us on facebook.
  14. this summer i got into climbing, started doing sports routes outdoors with an experienced guy from work. lately moved indoors to start building muscle doing bouldering. things where going well, got myself up to v5. then on last hold went to touch with other hand and feet was wrong so i spun off and landed with my arm locked out and dislocated my elbow. find out tomoro how badly i damaged my ligaments. ALI, been along time i since ive seen you but if your wanting to get into bouldering, boulderuk in blackburn is good where i go £6 it is, or theres a big place in preston with a bouldering wall and sports routes. obviously i cant climb but if you want to go ill come as company until i can climb again. i usually went by myself as lads are sound at boulder uk and will talk to you and help you out.
  15. tender place i believe that is. theres no pre treatment to advise really, dont do something stupid like get pissed to calm the nerves as that will thin the blood and make you bleed alot. as said bepanthen is what most people use afterwards for healing. thats about it.