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  1. Looking to start building this soon but looking for mdern parts to go on it but not sure what to go for ..... any ideas ???
  2. If you email curtis bikes they will be more than happy to help Hand built in uk and people would do anything to have a curtis over as they are considered to be one of the best frsme builders around anywhere
  3. How can i order one please
  4. I d be interested in one of these
  5. What year is it mate Looks super cool in that purple
  6. Theres ramp1 in warrington and the warehouse in leyland to if thats any help
  7. Yeah defo 26 but have no idea on geo sorry
  8. No i haven't yet not even sure i will to be honest it may well just be hung on my wall
  9. Bars are an inch to narrow either side for me and its brakeless still
  10. My revel frame which i ll start to build next year
  11. Was hoping it was a 26 to be honest
  12. Not sure on wheel size but if it is 20 i m swapping everything over from my czar to it
  13. Just picked up this revell trials frame for £20
  14. Yep it is
  15. I ve just picked up an old revell bikes frame and am wanting to put 24inch wheels on it ...would this be possible or is it just for 26 ??? As can't find much out about them
  16. Yep gonna run a disc without a doubt and short cranks as used to short cranks on flatland bmx Its an old frame so prepared for it to feel weird . so 26 inch it is then
  17. Sweet as mate
  18. New year is good for me
  19. Are we all hooking up sometime I'm in Liverpool
  20. Has or is any ride organised?
  21. Cool looks great
  22. Does anyone ride a blakeless mod if so how's the adjustment from riding with brakes