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  1. Compression tested an engine today with hesitant/lumpy running, 1 - 185 psi, 2 - 185 psi - 3 170 psi, 4 - 165 psi. Changed the plugs first, heading for a coilpack next but also considering the headgasket. Oil and water are both clean so it could have gone between the cylinders maybe. 6n2 GTiiii Ideas?
  2. But I dont know the new keepers details its been that long..So how will they know what to change it to?
  3. Quick question. Sold a car a while ago and didn't have the V5 at the time, however the buyer claimed to be a trader and said they would take care of it. I've now just had an MID letter through stating I'm still the registered keeper etc Since selling it I've changed phones and have no details for the buyer... I can apply for the V5 I suppose but then how do I get it out of my name...?
  4. My first post in years and its a sad one I've had 2 bikes stolen, on seperate occasions, over the last 3 weeks. Firstly, the trials bike. Old ZHI bikes frame, echo/hope bits here and there. Secondly, my XC bike, Scott Scale carbon frame, Hope wheels, Avid brakes, Carbon Easton bars. I have the frame number for this so it should be easier to identify if found.
  5. I think I run Mountain Kings, 2.4 up front and a 2.2 on the back. They seem a fairly good allrounder. Nothing outstanding but not terrible either. Can be quite loose through the bends if you want or they grip well if you really dig them in a bit.
  6. A small group hitting Loughborough later today
  7. Had a go around today. Its got enough for a few hours. Notts and Derby are both ok and an easy trip.
  8. Anyone heading there this Sunday?
  9. I've recently started up in Loughborough.
  10. What is with the angle of the bars??
  11. Looks a beast of a place. I'm only a half hour away too!
  12. Whos around this weekend? I'm onto bike #3 already.
  13. I've picked up a proper 26" so i'm good to go now.
  14. I just bought some ancient T-Mag thing.