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  1. What kind of torch has a HDMI connection?
  2. This is all I could find on this website with 4 cores and a drain wire in this size - and it's not cheap! £140 for 50m. You can get much cheaper, but at the 4.5mm mark again
  3. Yeah, I'm also signing up to be a guinea pig in your trials run.
  4. You appear to be having some problems filling out your casts. There's a couple of things I'd maybe suggest for next time; heating your mould before pouring next time might be the most successful option, followed by trying to increase the fluidity of your chocolate, though this might affect the final finish. If you're still having problems you might have to think about adding pressure to your moulding processes.
  5. She's having a proper good look round isn't she? It's not even that she knows you've got something she wants, she just wants to know if you do. Looks like a fanny too.
  6. I don't know how much control you have over the web design, but I like the current carousel implementation. As a browsing customer if I was flicking through a number of people, the carousel is a nice, easy way to flick through a couple of pictures and see what you're about. But then, if you do want a more in depth look, you're very very stuck. What I was looking for was a button to expand the carousel into a thumbnail gallery, which could be a nice compromise between the two ideas.
  7. Well that'll do nicely for the future, cheers men I was looking for a keyboard shortcut, but couldn't find it - though I was looking specifically for a shortcut to remove hyperlinks
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I've been trying to get Word to stop writing everything as a continuation of the last hyper link to absolutely no avail. Full stops, new lines, new paragraphs etc etc. It turns out it wasn't actually writing everything as a hyperlink, it just decided I'd like to continue with it's formatting of blue, underlined writing I wish I could physically slap Word.
  9. Was that a joke, or were they being serious?
  10. Yeah, thinking about it, I can mentally see every time I've switched to high beams, and can picture the dipped turning off. I just think these are the narrowest high beams I've used; when I hold both high and dipped lights on, it's the kind of illumination I'm used, to so it had me questioning their normal behaviour!
  11. Car forum, I have a question for you! After spinning my golf off the road and killing the poor little bugger, I've got my hands on a little 05 Fiesta runabout. Obligatory awful phone photo: Question is, I feel like the headlights are being a bit funny. When dipped, you pull the stalk back halfway to hold the high beams on, and then pull all the way to toggle the high beams on. When the high beams are held, both the dipped and high beams are on, but when toggled, the dipped beams turn off and the high beams stay on. Is that normal? It seems to me that every other car I've been in, both the dipped and high beams will be on. Either that, or these high beams are quite narrow and don't illuminate much vertically.
  12. What an insane German. I'd like to see just how many things break at once on that if you stack it hard
  13. Nothing mindless about it. Those assholes stole his car.
  14. I think this is it really. Back when I started riding trials and joined this forum (2003!) the entire internet revolved around message boards. If you were looking to find people with a common interest as you, you'd have to look for an appropriate message board, or try and find these people in person. Likewise, if you wanted to find 'How-To's' you'd come to a message board and someone there would have typed one up, or the community would know of the otherwise obscure website to go to. But now everything can be quickly done over Facebook and YouTube, and if people still can't find what they need, I bet the majorette of new web users don't even know what a forum is. And remember back before YouTube, before Google Video, in the days of eengoedidee and Trials-Shack? The internet was spread about, but now, you can be sure everything this forum used to do can be done by Facebook and YouTube. BOTI used to be my go-to source for hilarious web content, but now it's all on Facebook and I'll probably scroll past it all at some point now.