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  1. I have added you mate. Dont know anything regarding car set ups but I am on the game quite a bit.
  2. Just seen some of the clips mr thurston. Long time ago that st nicks is barly even ridable these days. Hope your still chaving it up round inverness.
  3. Dont listen to travis he still knows toxin bikes was the days haha
  4. Not to bad for an old man ben some sweet lines in there.
  5. Getting some height with those hops. Nice to see your keeping it tgs slambo with that drop at the end though
  6. Defs a mini travis. Some decent skills there
  7. Still got kevlar cobra serbring pro bucket seat to part ways with. Open to sensible offers. Still in date till 2020
  8. You really have to wander where they pull all this from when its as stupid as this. Same with them trying to pull a fast 1 and charge you more come renewal time than previous year.
  9. Hey Danny i wont be sorting out a new car until i am home so swapping the policy over aint an option at the minuite. I have sent an email back saying im not happy with the commission so we shall see what they say u dont try u dont get. After a quick google search seems alot of people have been charged an extreme amount to cancel or change policies some of them even been cheaper to run out even after just a few months in. Will see what they reply with tomorrow. No dout it will be hidden away in some small print.
  10. Emailed adrian flux to cancel my policy today for the integra for a refund of the remaining balance as i had paid in full. I knew i would have to pay some sort of cancellation fee. The insurer wants £27 to cancel adrian flux wants £25 to cancel and they always want full commission on top so in all they are trying to charge me £130 off the refund that i am been owed. Does this seem fair to you guys?
  11. Car is sold first person who viewed it snapped it up. Now need to decide on next purchase. Do fancy another golf r. Decisions decisions. Cobra serbring pro kevlar seat left over £400 Buddclub rails £90
  12. Some1 coming to view the dc2 tomorrow and is sounding like hes taking it. Will have buddy club rails and cobra kevlar seat left over if anyone would be interested in either.
  13. F1

    Poor pit there for redbull. Wander whos fault it is hope they didnt just give the race away.
  14. F1

    Unbelievable acheievment first race with redbull and he gets a first booom. Bright future ahead for him thats for sure what a race.
  15. F1

    Max got it in the bag ☺☺☺☺☺