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  1. Love Billy's style, so good to see a new video too!
  2. That Hang ten was beautiful! Loved the video, like all of your previous ones! keep them coming. After the nose bonk - manual to 180 bars, I was expecting a 180 nose bonk on the post again, trumped that with throwing them bars! Make it look too easy!
  3. Is it possible to come down for a days riding? Might be a bit of a trek - but I'm personally unable to camp this time and was just wondering if it was possible cheers
  4. What / who got you in to riding in the first place? Try something that will "take you back" to that, or like others have said, look for new places, or have a change, change is always good for a refresh! keep at it / keep it until you fancy it again!
  5. So good! I genuinely admire anyone that throws barspins (having experienced "basketball finger" many times trying them), not quite the same but once tried an x-up on a mod (old school) and nearly popped both my shoulders out haha!
  6. I have the 20" version (at the risk of jinxing it) mine are and have been great, so far so good!
  7. Hi, I'm pretty sure the front rim that comes on the Sky2 complete bike (Koxx sky rim) is 37mm wide (happy to be corrected). anyway, I had that rim, in the carbon forks for, well, years. I used Trialtech plastic backed pads in the front (I know pad choice comes down to preference) but I found this set-up ok... I also don't run my brakes really sharp. I appreciate the Trialtech rim is 39mm, and 1mm "each side" will make a huge difference when trying to chase mm's but still... Try some clamps similar to Tryall's too? might give that slight more adjustment? Secondly give Tryall crocco yellow pads a go on the front. I believe they are a little slimmer too? Cheers. Barry.
  8. Have tryall carbon bars and some 150x30stems - drop me a message if you want them
  9. I've also noticed this problem, I have the red bodies and black blades and the grub screw seems to work OK (to an extent), however where I have them currently is at that "just" point, in me being able to reach the levers comfortably. However when I've put red blades on, the grub screw completely misses. (Must add that I'd increased the diameter of the pivot bolt hole in the red blade (so it would fit the racingline body) so previously had thought it may have something to do with that) - but obviously is a more common problem. I have seen someone else put a small bit of plastic behind the lever blade, where it contacts the lever body (in it's rest position) - not the most aesthetically pleasing of solutions, but does the job none the less.
  10. Collected mine from the sorting office this morning, so yet to try them out - but reading the above, I can see myself waiting until its dark on purpose tonight... Got an LED light collar for Molly (our dog) also... Come at me dark (winter) haha
  11. Great pictures, thanks! agree with the above, think its the first set of pictures that actually put into perspective the difficulty of the sections
  12. Had a ride and got some clips of Jack riding at Shipley on Monday, so figured I'd share them. Jack's sponsors: Enter-Bike, NRGym, Racinglineproduct, Crewkerz, Cross King, Trialtech, Urge, Abela, Hope Tech, Redbull and Tribalzine Thanks for watching.
  13. yeah will also be evening after 5pm for me due to work (except fri-sunday) so drop a line whenever you fancy and I'll come out
  14. Hi Mate, That's a long ride... (just kidding) yes I'll ride. Is there any particular date between 21 - 25th August? or are you asking for all of them? Cheers Barry