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  1. Have you actually watched it? I want to but refuse to on my own and my house keep refusing.
  2. Not that I'm aware of no. The potential reason behind it is having a nut allergy and when I was younger my childminder always made simple meals to avoid anything related and I've just grown up like that since. I'd love to go out and be able to order anything off a menu but I won't.
  3. I do and I don't I've never been that interested in food but if I'm offered something I will usually try it. I know it should change though.
  4. Me, I keep being told I only eat beige food and its pretty true. I eat cheese and tomato pizza a hell of alot and even though I do like meat I wont have it near a pizza. Plain burgers all the time too. I'd eat butter on toast but would much rather have it as just bread and such. Won't touch sauces, no fruit or veg in my diet for a long time either.
  5. That was our last auction, we have one next Wednesday but the catalogue isn't up yet.
  6. Really expensive stuff happens less because we also ebay some of the stuff to get a decent price but we sold a doll about a month back, Japanese girl motioning pouring tea for about £6000. Best thing is hard to say, getting suitcases is crazy because sometimes someones whole life can be in there, we had a blatant fraudsters case once with different names on ID's but the same photo. Some of the bikes that come through are pretty special too. The auction world is full of crazy characters though and thats the best part I think, I'm the only one who really likes working the FOH part of it so know pretty much everything. Theres alot of money to be made too if you are sensible with what you buy because it is still pretty untapped. I'll throw up a catalogue if anyone is interested?
  7. Work in an auction house where we sell things that get lost in the post..... Stuff gets real interesting!
  8. More socks and more pants. Putting new ones on when you can is amazing. Layers are important too weather changes so much so layer up rather than just thick clothes. Id also take a back pack even if you ride with it empty its something you can put layers in but I just carry drinks and food, mountain food is a joke most places. Size will make turns harder, imagine it in bike terms I spose, but if you get used to it a shorter board will feel crazy easy. I've ridden all sorts of lengths but once you are used to it, it's fine. 166 is rather big though, it'll be slower but only a little but that again might make turns harder. Take it with you but maybe hire a shorter board the second day and decide if you can afford it, no point ruining a trip because of kit. Maybe take to an indoor, book a session they provide kit with it so you can test sizes pretty freely. Now someone hook me up with a trip please, ill cook for you?
  9. I think he means his boots dont fit his binding rather than his feet. 100% agree, boots are hands down the most important thing. Mine field agreement here you say you are on a 154, same weight I'm on a 161 and love it. 166 is huge though.
  10. Step 1; Step 2: You just want some M/L medium stiffness bindings. All the sizes are different but a bit of research should tell you what what size binding for the boot. Brands such as burton, k2, forum, union all would do the trick as a novice you just want comfort. Don't go overboard a set of freestyle bindings could make it harder to be comfortable, perhaps not by much but keep it simple. Most resorts in France are your best bet, they usually cater for everything, can be pretty cheap and the snow on the whole is good. Id just look at package deals compare resorts and book. Again its a case of learning you dont want blacks you want blues and reds something simple but fun. Things to consider though is rental for the other friends, lift pass costs and obviously apres.
  11. Pussy tastes awful anyway so that'll teach the kids something.
  12. Travelling to NZ all planned and ready to pay for which involved living with friends Dad for a bit (with said friend joining me on the trip). Circumstances change with his dad and friend has just shyed off the whole idea. I really want to just commit but having someone there really made it so much more appealing and now I just feel like it may never happen. The only other person keen is my housemates sister and apparently thats a no go area...
  13. Ive been pretty ill for the last week or so but better now, throughout that time I was smoking considerably less and it felt good I suppose. My boss brought this up today (ex smoker) and suggested I just stop, no one last cig or anything and at that moment it seemed such a good idea, then lunchtime came and without even thinking I sparked up. However depending on the next few days I may give in and attempt at least to give up. Everyone says if you don't want to quit you won't and I agree from pathetic attempts in the past but this time maybe. Might jump back on the patches though none of this vape hot air stuff.
  14. If you smoke you are cool though right?
  15. I had one of these e-cigs before they were readily available (hipster?) but then I ran out of refills and couldn't get anymore so stopped. I agree they do work to an extent but I could never go 100% onto one at the time, theres something about sparking up compared to the little glowy light. I now smoke properly again, happily I may add.