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  1. Can't find the data or recall the numbers but I remember reading some years ago that a certain recession metric directly correlates with a quantifiable increase in deaths. On the plus side of what Topsy mentioned, recession = less transport fatalities. There is talk about the decrease in pollution in China already having saved more people than have died due to the virus. Still, all of this is very country specific. Also doubt that 1-2 months of a pandemic is a long enough period of time to provide adequate insight. This is a hugely complex issue and we may not be able to round up viral and "recession" deaths for years to come. The swine flu toll is estimated at a shockingly vague 50-100m.
  2. This. I find it amazing that hardly nobody, myself included, considered that it would eventually make its way into Europe and wreak havoc. It's pretty f**king obvious if you think about it for one second. My friend organizes demos, he does most of them, I do about 20 annually myself. Currently every demo during the high season (June) is cancelled. He's lost about 70% of his contracts already and is receiving cancellations daily. As an importer I've been up to date with what China has been going through in the past 6 weeks so it's quite sobering to be experiencing first hand what my business contacts were going through a month ago. It's heavily affected my delivery schedule but compared to what's going on in the world right now I consider myself very lucky. The missus and myself both have old fathers who we have frequent contact with so we've been extra careful. She panics more than me and it's been getting to me lately. Yesterday she organized grocery shopping at 9pm (after considering that 3am when Makro opens is not necessary), got us both respirators and gloves. Neither of us work with people so it's business as usual for us but her brother is a chemist, still lives with his parents and was kindly asked to move out. My mother is a piano teacher and has been conducting classes on Skype this week. Schools closed down on Monday. My gym is closed, had to order some equipment to continue to work out at home. Don't go to restaurants, shop only online. From a driver's perspective things seem fairly normal but there are much fewer people on the streets and trams/buses are half empty. On the plus side of things, the amount of epic memes on the internet. And the spirit of people stuck at home.
  3. Sad to see the forum have so few users nowadays. Good times were had on here.
  4. Connect bike to generator, use ghost to reduce your carbon footprint and lower electricity bills? Always wondered why movies focus around making ghosts go away, when they can be tricked into producing green energy.
  5. The clearance problems are often caused by brake mount misalignment on frames. It seems no manufacturer no matter how "premium" gets this 100% right. This is where PM brakes come in handy as you can file down the adaptor or brake mount on the frame so that the pads hit square on the rotor.
  6. There has never been an aluminium MT5 lever. The body is made from Carbotecture, the lever blade is aluminium. The lever body in the MT7 is made from Carbotecture SL, the lever blade is aluminium. It's a pretty good "plastic" too.
  7. Can we somehow get him to make a new video? It's been 2 years now.
  8. Drove this thing around the track yesterday. Didn't know much about it other than it being a direct rival to the M3 and C63, both of which I've driven and enjoyed. This though is the first car to have scared the living shit out of me. The way it builds boost and the punch it delivers is terrifying. The chassis copes with it just fine and so do the tyres (not so much the brakes) but you're constantly aware of being in a small saloon car that just shouldn't be able to do what it's doing. Honestly, I've driven a fair share of supercars as of now and the closest thing in terms of how the performance *feels* is the 12C. Hats of to Alfa for this one. It did end up braking down and going into limp mode but while it lasted, it was mind bending. And the feeling of driving this and a 991.2 Turbo S for a few hours yesterday, then stepping into rusty old diesel Citroen Xantro Picasso or whatever my replacement is called at the end of the day - priceless
  9. Had 20 minutes today to experience German engineering at it's finest at the local track. All I can say really is that the front end felt weird and the rear end felt weird and that the engine sound is the best thing I've experienced to date. More interesting is the owner of this car. He runs a travel company, is by far the most humble and most tatty guy on the track, always arriving in old trainers and a worn out tracksuit. He doesn't use gloves, special shoes and doesn't even have his own helmet, always renting one out and going for the cheapest one we have. He has an old Nokia with a keyboard. His daily driver is a tatty old '95 7-series which he has 3 of. His garage consists of those, a new Turbo S, this GT3RS and soon to arrive GT2RS. And none of us will be very surprised if he comes over in a 918 next year also wearing his hobo outfit
  10. Took part in a competition on Saturday. Got out the gopro because this girl really wanted some footage to remember the event. Captured some of the dumbest facial expressions ever. Might post some footage from the comp itself later on. We ended up taking 1st place overall.
  11. Haha great watch and a right laugh too !
  12. Pretty much, yeah. Good times
  13. Good things come to those who wait. Been saying that to myself for the past few weeks while dating a slightly distrusting girl I met at the pub. Good things came yesterday and that's just the beginning of what's shaping up to be an amazing relationship. 2018 just keeps getting better and better.
  14. Watching these guys ride full sus bikes is amazing. They're soooo in control. You can instantly tell that they ride motorbikes. Is that Adam Raga in the blue outfit?