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  1. any standard bottom bracket i ran one of these so i presume it's a 68mm shell as a little bit of the BB poked out if memory serves. or are you meaning the newer press fit version? i'd imagine the echo press fit one would work but i'd call tartys just in case.
  2. i'll probably have that off you where are you located or are you happy to post? 07916927708
  3. Dont have the money for a 5 month holiday...
  4. my now ex girlfriend is in mexico, i was going out in january for 5 months, due to our new relationship status i've just found out i've blown 650 quid on flights i won't be using and i can't get a refund. ouch.
  5. you need to learn to wind up the bike with what space you have, it will feel awkward but it'll get easier with practice
  6. yeah it's a gibbon surfer, i'm looking at picking up a 100m kit in a few weeks. this weekend i got out with an old trials buddy who's now into drones; linky the footage is his live fpv feed so the quality isn't superb but it's super fun
  7. it's rude your not posting your other bey.
  8. haven't been on tf in a while, finally have a computer again slacklining has taken over my life and it is good. balancey stunts
  9. why not just get them serviced? get a bb7 king of power and reliability
  10. this is not a shame. a good vee brake can perform as well as a magura, and with dedicated vee mounts they're usually lighter too. i'd invest in some better brake levers these are my favourites. i like the split clamp design and they don't end up all wobly and loose like avid levers do. best price on a pair, they usually throw in new brake cables which will also boost your braking performance. so will some heatsink vee pads. obviously a better freewheel would improve things no end as would a better bar/stem combo.
  11. i've got the saturday off from work and the woman so it's bicycle time! anyone fancy some low precision stunts? kent brighton london, maybe reading?
  12. featured on pinkbike reckon these will eventually make it down to trials bikes? could be interesting
  13. thats just the gusset the brake is mounted to, theres nothing wrong with it
  14. london ride yesterday was good fun. 5 weeks left in my current job, can't wait to get out of here
  15. attach one of these to a pannier on a more commutable mtb... and trail your trials bike behind it.