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ogre's Feedback

  1. BlueSmokeyJoe left Positive feedback   

    Very trustworthy seller. Even set up a Paypal account so I could pay!

    ogre was The Seller

  2. onzatrip left Positive feedback   

    very good! sent quick and nicely wraped will trade agian :D

    ogre was Trading

  3. ZeroMatt left Positive feedback   

    Good communication, quick to send money. Spot on.

    ogre was Trading

  4. clar1ty left Positive feedback   

    Recieved very quickly, comms excellent, top dude!

    ogre was The Seller

  5. Damon W left Positive feedback   

    would gladly do business with him again (y) good communication, awsum service! blowjob was amazing

    ogre was Trading

  6. Al_Fel left Positive feedback   

    Nice lad to deal with.

    ogre was Trading

  7. txt2007 left Positive feedback   

    great guy, very helpfull

    ogre was The Seller

  8. Elliot left Positive feedback   

    Arrived quick and as described, Cheers dude!

    ogre was Trading

  9. Si-man left Positive feedback   

    Sent money fast, good comunications, top lad

    ogre was Trading

  10. Stan Shaw left Positive feedback   

    Good transaction. Nice and easy.

    ogre was The Seller

  11. PaRtZ left Positive feedback   

    Fast payment, cheers bud

    ogre was The Seller

  12. Flubber left Positive feedback   

    awsume dude, quick and good postage

    ogre was Trading

  13. Krisboats left Positive feedback   

    Excellent chap, polite to talk to via pm's and the sent the postal order straight away, exactly as he said he would. Thanks.

    ogre was The Seller

  14. Alan left Positive feedback   

    Very good communication, nice lad to talk to, all good!

    ogre was The Seller