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  1. Anyone know a good .zip extractor software? I just downloaded the new Nike 6.0 BMX video and the regular zip extractor software (BOM Archive or whatever it's called) isn't working. Most distressing... P.S. I tried 'The Unarchiver' and it failed.
  2. You can buy the iPhone on pay as you go I believe. At around £350, it isn't so bad relative to the price of the iPod Touch. I hear the battery life is god-awful*. Though it wouldn't surprise me if these people had the brightness on full and used the internet when they're at home next to a computer... I'll wait 'til the nano arrives methinks *I.e. around 1 -> 3 days before it needs a charge.
  3. That were brill. Really enjoyed it. You rinsed the Reading high street rocks, I've imagined it every time I walk around there so it's nice to see someone do it smoooooth More please.
  4. Aha, nice one Jon, quite embarrassing as I had to do it just over 24 hours ago. Well you're only supposed to have the necessaries connected, i.e. keyboard & mouse. Any other equipment, USB, external drives etc shouldn't be / doesn't need to be connected - that's assuming you've got the important system files on the hard disk installed in the computer/laptop. Once the Install Disk is up and running it'll eventually ask you whether you wish to do a standard Install or Archive & Install, if you want everything wiped go with a regular, if you want all your stuff go Archive and sort it yourself once you're logged in. Google is very helpful for this, so long as you get your terms halfway-right it'll show threads from assorted mac-forums filled with step-by-step info. Even the Apple website/user manual is pretty helpful. I just wish it literally said "If you do this, you will/won't lose all your music/videos/documents/pictures". Basically everything I'm saying I learnt last night from interweb due to major shit storm mentioned a few posts ago.
  5. Yes. Switch it on, chuck the CD in there as soon as it's powering on, whilst holding 'command' and 'c' (at the same time) - click on the install disc when it gives you the option. Install Disc 1 first btw.
  6. It's set to an old nick-name I used to have and I was doing what I thought to be some harmless procrastination, I'd wanted to put my normal name there - that's all. It didn't seem like the sort of action that would cause so much havoc, I'd have thought the mac would be able to re-name/edit file locations. In hindsight that is, perhaps, alot to ask considering the 480,000 files on the volume (according to the AHT). Oh well, lesson learned
  7. FYI Do not under any circumstances re-name the Home folder (i.e. the one with a house as the icon). It causes annoying amounts of damage. Then, to follow that up, if a folder appears called 'Usr', which wasn't there before, do not, DO NOT put it in the trash and then empty the trash. It took me 7 hours to figure out what the buggery happened and to get my mac back to normal, without losing data. I've got to put all my photos and music back into iPhoto/iTunes now. Half of my precious album art appears to have sneaked somewhere. _______________________________ I'm sure alot of you maccers know that but I didn't and it royally buggered my Sunday afternoon/evening/Monday morning.
  8. That was something special. Great riding, someone was in a spinny mood that's for sure!
  9. It's a free podcast
  10. If you use iTunes do a search in the podcast section, they cover his more recent mongoose antics. Otherwise, tried his website?
  11. Well I'd consider this to be the coolest trials video ever, wow! Really super nice work Ben, the quality of the footage compliments it all so well. Your stoppy reminded me of Leech in evolve. Liked that, liked that alot
  12. Is that the car with the huge black tripod-ish thing on the top of it? It caught me just as I was leaving my flat at around 6am a few days ago. Although in hindsight, it didn't have any Google advertising on it, hmm. None the less, the San Francisco thing's insane
  13. The best part was the hop to sliding pallet!
  14. Is Iolo still making frames? Perhaps a more economical custom frame?
  15. For ease of use it can't get much easier than Handbrake or Quicktime Pro. Handbrake for ripping DVD's to iPod file size (or anything else for that matter) or Quicktime Pro for converting files that you already have on your hard disk