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  1. There is also this disk version of the lever, im not sure how much it is but i found it a while ago on this website, www.biketrialstation.com There is a link next to the picture of the rb lever on the biketrialstation page to the rb deign website,But it hasnt been updated for ages, and still has nse and supercycles down as the uk dealers, i have phoned nse and i was told they no longer dealt with rb.
  2. I have a habit of using too many periods, but that's just f**king ridiculous. Go back to school then people might take your input into probably the only serious, on topic thread on TF seriously soz................................................mr.. all ...knowing ...punctuation......................spelling..................man!!!!
  3. someone mentioned about all this big bang testin business to me the other day....n i was thinking f**ks sake...people playin god again..messin with things they dont fully understand.....so had a read up on it...then i thought ill check trials forum..cos wen there was that earthquake i while back first thing i did was check on here...cos i thought i was goin nuts at first..but the first topic i saw...did u feel that think it was an earthquake...did the same thing today ..first topic i saw was ..end of the world.....dunno weather to believe it or not but while searchin about i did find summat pretty interesting on you tube...its about 2012 n all the planet x stuff...scary mad stuff...but again dunno if theres any truth to it but ill try pop the link up now.. theres 5 parts to it....bit off topic but hey if it dont end from the testin there doin theres always this to look forward to. Youtube Video -> Original Video also u could watch this if u cant sleep as the guy has a very soothing well..borin voice
  4. As the title says can anyone tell me the geometry of the black mumba, and the 24 seven hollroyd frames please???? much appreciated.
  5. hey dude

    urm yeah i duno if youll get this but me and a few m8z are riding leeds this sat think that will be the 19th

    come and find uz

  6. hi , ive recently moved to leeds and im wanting to get out riding , but dont know any riders in the area....i live in hunslet so pretty close to the town centre...any one up for a ride????
  7. As i wasnt a member in 2007 how would i go about getting a membership form? Ive had a look on the biketrial uk website , and cant see anything about membership forms for this year.
  8. can you send me some pics of your zona please very interested danhalson91@hotmail.co.uk

  9. I live in newark but im there most weekends .will be there this saterday as well with the usual lot if anyone else fancys coming along.
  10. anybody riding lincoln tomorrow??? meeting at the peace gardens at 12. anybody that dosnt know were that is pm me and ill direct you.
  11. As the title says im looking at getting a hope mono trial 07 , or an avid bb7. Can anyone who owns or has used either of these brakes tell me from there experience which is the better brake in there opinion , And the pros and cons of each brake. Having some difficulty deciding which one to go for. thanks.
  12. hi parr its ian nice riding mate, i need to come ride lincoln again sometime, i havnt been for ages, keep it up.
  13. i've been riding for 6 years now on and off,need to get my ass to some comps this year.
  14. hi, i would get some hs33's there alot beteer than the hs 11's.But maybe instead of buying them new try pick some up second hand, either from the for sale and wanted section or on ebay.Also maybe get some pads other than the standard black ones,like the koxx bloxx or the red rock pads,you'd be suprised the difference a decent pair of pads makes.hope i helped.
  15. hi all, i'm looking at buying the new echo pure frame and want some advice on choosing a bar and stem setup.I've got the t-raptor bars and stem at the moment ,but i'm not sure if i should try them out, or go for something different,as I've never had a frame with any b/b rise, and i'm not sure on the angle and length of stem. So anyone who has the new pure frame,or has any suggestions would be much appreciated.