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  1. Great looking pogo. I like it even more because of the rear V brake and front BB7. A video is needed.
  2. Wow, it looks wonderful. Marino has definitely improved in the past 9 years. A video of you riding it is needed.
  3. I am glad he is still riding. Great style and big moves. Thanks for the edit. How long has this bike brand been around? Any details about the company?
  4. Amazing rider. Love the trials moves on that bike.
  5. For the past 10 years i have been watching your videos. Great style and I am glad you are still in the sport
  6. I agree with the others - smooth riding and Felix style at times. Keep riding and filming.
  7. My first tensioner I made. Worked awesome and was super light. My homemade v adapters. It uses the bottom 4 magura mount as the pivot point. One long 4mm bolt clamps the arm and adapter down.
  8. Some nice flow and power in your riding.
  9. Great thread. Keep the photos coming.
  10. I admire how trials ridden by Dave just flows. You don't stand and wobble/wiggle in one spot getting ready to do a move. 10 long ago but at the same time it was just yesterday.
  11. Wow, I don't know if I have ever seen so much footage of JJ. The way he rides is really enjoyable to watch. Awesome video Robbie.
  12. A video needs to happen with this new bike.
  13. Wow, England is really into Marnio atm. USA...not so much - a shame. Wonderful looking bike. Love the it homemade? How did you decided to ride for Marino vs. Inspired, John?
  14. You really are getting to good. You make it look so simple. Great videos...really impressive riding. Why does anyone need brakes?
  15. I'm glad you are happy and enjoying life. It would be really neat to see you ride the Simtra again. Thanks for the videos.