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  1. I did try scuffing the pads as well as disc with sand paper and it made no difference, but I will give it another go again. The brakes themselves feel fine as in they don't feel spongy and everything returns as it should, so no need to bleed or push bits about. If all else fails then I will look into these jitse pads and new rotors as these non grabby brakes are as good as v-brakes from the 90s
  2. Hi everyone...it's been a while. So... I have a back and front hope mono trial disc on my mod and when I got them new the braking power was amazing. With time they have lost that bite and I have tried disc brake cleaner as well as the water and heat trick, I also bought new brake pads but had no luck getting them to be like when they were new. I spoke to another rider and he said I would have to buy new rotors and pads at the same time...is this correct?
  3. I'm 5 miles away from Ktown.
  4. It was good riding with you today, its a shame you couldnt stay for longer.
  5. Hi, This is a video I finished editing last night. Im not a very good rider, but I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment on it. Thanks, Tim [media=]
  6. only if the weather lets me.
  7. Thanks Lee I will think about Portsmouth when I wake up tomorrow.
  8. Im in for this! Can I have your number in case there's change of plans? Thanks
  9. I'm leaving my house in 20 min...see whoever is there around 11:00.
  10. I haven't ridden in about 3 months so I'm out of shape and don't think I will last all day riding with you and will prob head home a bit earlier. But thanks for the offer and the info See you there.
  11. Hey Nick I want to come to this as I have a car and a perfectly running bike now. Can you let me know where is best place to park my car?
  12. Trials riding video in kingston upon thames. Just about manage to put together before i ran out of clips.
  13. Ah you guys are let downs!!! Me and other 4 riders were there and after the heavy down pour everything dried up. Good riding.
  14. YAY one of me!!! Thanks
  15. Yay im in the back ground!