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  1. well four years on and im still smoking, not with a girl(dont want to be), and havn't owned a bike in over a year, nevermind riding! Spend most of my time working in a wank call centre while I look for something else and have got back into sailing after a break of a few years....
  2. Not suggesting he copied me, because it's hardly an amazing idea, but those cranks are SO similar to what I designed and manufuctured for my HND project. looks like nice stuff.
  3. hha! another Co. down Rider, Im from bngor, but have unortunatley stopped riding, don't see mysel making a return. Might be worth getting in touch with adam griin, or aaron cosbey if you can, Aaron is a brilliant rider who has gone over the wwater to compete on a few occasions.

    check out trialsworld.com for some local stuff!

  4. Never have I read so much off topic shite. I had to scroll through about 4 pages for around 12 posts actually relating to OTN. I enjoyed going on every once and a while, rarely posted....
  5. Look again at those drop outs guys, they are not the same! The Zhi ones actually look as if they are of better quality compared to the koxx ones that look like they have been cast!
  6. Anyone fancy a blast tonight? 'N00bic hair F__T__W' without the underscores (damn swear filter), add me!
  7. Who gives a f**k what colour it is unless painting it voids the warranty? does it?
  8. I think it's a bit irresponsible to not have been drunk by that age to be honest! Every year I see freshers starting who havn't drank before getting absoutley plastered with more experianced drinkers and making complete tits out of themselves because they dont know their limits. I don't really get how you equate not drinking to being mature.....
  9. Gender: Female Height: Generally shorter than me, but I find some taller girls attracctive. Weight: Im looking for no more than a size 1 at the very most and they would have to be very well proportioned at that. Hair colour: Brunette/Black Eye colour: Not Fussy, but if I can pick Emerald Green or Sky Blue, but nice eyes can be any colour. Race: Not really fussy, but I can't see myself marrying a black woman. I like asians, indians, white girls etc... religous beliefs/If any: Im not going to get on well with a hardline baptist, but it's not an issue unless it got in the way Rough body shape: All I require is a handful of each boob, they don't need to be any bigger, I want a firm peachy ass, I don't mind a bit of muffin-top but it does need to be minimal. Age group: Im 23 now so 18 or 19 is about as low as I could let myself go, i'd probobly even find that I bit of an issue. Smoker/Non smoker/Either: preferably an occasional smoker as I smoke, but I hope to stop soon. Alcohol consumption: Same as me, no more than maybe 4 pints on a prticular outing and maybe 2-3 outings a week... Accent: I wont be able to articulate what im after here but most english accents get on my tits a little bit (sorry guys :$ ) generally its the more southern accents I don't like so much.Level of education/Intelligence: Level of ambition: Moderately High - I want someone with ambition, but not someone that forgets about everything for a single endeavour. What quality must this person have: Kindness What quality must this person not have: Deceitful His/her opinion of an ideal future: Detached house, 2-3 kids, comfortable financially, good health for those around them. Personality: Slightly extroverted, some one that everyone warms to, good hostess. Caring, loving sensitive. Anything else you'd care to add: Im pretty sure i've actually met this girl but she had a boyfriend at the time and has since become pregnant.... The search goes on!
  10. The birds nests are made of mud and grass and that srta shit used to watch them build them as a kid in some barns.