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    leeson fluid 609, pashley forks - its 15 years old, but still as good as the day I picked it up!
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  1. Really, nobody..... Pace rc250t, always be a timeless classic Race line yellow Maguras Leeson's Dual ply tyres Pashley forks Tensile freewheels
  2. Snapped the bottom bracket in mine a few years back and there not as bad to change as you think with a big hammer some grease and a pair or circling pliers! As long as you can get a vernier on the old shell and get somebody or company's to machine it down to the correct dimensions for you. Then it's simply a case of greasing and hammering it in and re-circliping. As for the axle sticking out thurther on the drive side, yes it should to give clearance for the chain ring and bash guard, the non-drive side should almost be flush up againstl the frame with a 2-3mm clearance with the crank arm on. I might have some old photos of when I did mine ill try dig out for you. Be sure to measure the axle length of you old BB correctly after machining a shell for one BB I bought the axle was to short so cranks grinding on bottom bracket shell wasn't very good.
  3. Buying new bolts would be a cheaper alternative, but if you really want to put the graft in of getting rid of the rust then i suggest hammerite rust remover gel, i use it on helicopters all the time works a treat! its £5 from halfords if you really want to go through the effort.
  4. yeah, been too long! got to get a major pissup on the go soon! ill give him a text, cheers dollface
  5. ill be with you tom, any chance of a lift maybe? see you all there!
  6. the leeson overhaul is almost complete, just a headset left to get!

  7. Hey man,

    Do you run a Hope Mono Trials brake on your 24"?

  8. haha, i had a old saracen mad years ago with dual shitmano disk's on it! me being 15 decided to tar my back disk, ohh how foolish i was in doing that, just turned to complete horse poop! and left me needing new pads and rotor for it!
  9. dominos revenge pizza, doe's what it sais on the tin when using the defecation station

  10. possibly loosing some front teeth if you don't pre-load it before kicking!
  11. i am actually pleasantly surprised, looks nice! how doe's it ride, flicky, streety, trialsy?
  12. fairone, he is a legend, met him once! and he cracked me up on the news!
  13. just curious, who are you getting the t-bird off because i know there is a old one floating around the grove somewhere! and if you need i got a old hope mono trials thats been sitting in my room for 3 years that i can hook you up with for a tenner. get in touch, good to know theres someone else about in the grove that rides trials
  14. bromsgrove, where abouts?

  15. never rode a leeson then! but in all honesty judging by the amount of people that own them and get along with them so well, i would say its a pretty safe bet.