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  1. That was sweeeeet! Nice one mate.
  2. Sorry mate, here you go -
  3. what a tune and what an ender. ali <3
  4. The flow of that vid made it what it was. Both the riding and the camera work. It's so nice to see actual pedalling in lines as well, rather than just the trick at the end. Big up both of you
  5. So fresh
  6. Holy shit man, you've improved loads!
  7. Evening all, This video was meant to be full length bike breaker video but after a drunken accident, i've injured my finger pretty bad and probably won't be riding for a few weeks (it's not big and it's not clever kids). Thanks to DL for the edit and to Phoenix for their continued support. The video is just clips from 2 days filming, one day was cut short due to my frame cracking. Enjoy.
  8. That's mine Glad you like it man
  9. Aspect ratio is fine mate, just filmed anamorphic, not 16:9. Yes Ben!
  10. Craig Tull got a few clips of us the other night on a casual ride out. Turned out pretty nice, see what you guys think.
  11. Beast but that has got to be up there with one of the worst tunes ever surely?
  12. Mission Prodigy Onza T-Pro Zoo Python Monty 221pr Toxsin Mod Gu Typhoon Echo Control 07 Toxsin Stock Echo Control 09 Echo Control 07 Zhi Z3R WIP 24 Echo Pure 2013 Jesus haha
  13. Awesome man, sick style! Some absolute whoppers in there!
  14. Cool style and you've got flow. Nice one
  15. The trials world (or just me) have been crying out for a Frame that doesn't have the same wack geo of 1100 and +75 bb. Thank you Impulse.