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  1. I do, but not racing, it gets used on the local trails and is my go to bike at the moment. When the days draw out a bit it will get semi slicks and I am hoping to ride to work on it a couple of times a week, obligatory picture: I have to admit is a very fun bike and surprisingly capable offroad! Adam
  2. Chances are I might be free to pop up every now and then, however I might not always check here, if you PM me I will get an email. Adam
  3. So, a rare post from me in the car thread! Taken the decision to get rid of the Seat Leon Cupra 20vt, too expensive to tax, not economical enough any more etc etc As shuned as I might be I am looking to replace it with an 03/04 plate Mondeo hatchback diesel, cheaper to tax, insure and better on fuel! So if anybody is interested Adam
  4. have you still got magura mate

  5. My new (to me) Cotic BFe, its a little heavier than my last bike (KHS Alite) but I am sure I will cope! Just ordered some Renthal Lite bars and on the look out for a 70mm stem! Brief spec includes Hope Pro2 wheel set, Rockshox Revelation RLT 150mm forks (Probably for sale soon!) Avid brakes (soon to change) Schwalbe Rocket Ron tyres, SLX cranks running a 2x9 setup and a Rockshox Reverb, Really happy with it, just need to find it some trails now! Adam
  6. Love it Prawny!! I would love another V-Racing, but I would have to find one in the original blue, as it was lovely! I still like the fact that they were designed back when gears were required for comps, hence the thumb shifter mount on the seat tube Adam
  7. Bike looks lovely, however I am going to agree with Rockman, those levers are not flip flop, so you really should source a new lever for that brake so that the reseviour is the correct side, like he says it could cause issues with seals, I am surprised the oil isn't leaking out of the over flow slot in the reseviour cap..... Adam
  8. Looks wicked matey! Hows it feeling with that stem on it? Did you spray it myself, I might be tempted to get my hex sprayed, I fancy red! Adam
  9. Love it! I keep looking at it and wanting a 26inch version! Perhaps in a few months! Adam
  10. After the rider weight thing had been mentioned I was wondering how long it would be until somebody mentioned me!! Smoothness of the power delivery through the cranks - freewheel - chain is a massively important thing, I know you probably wouldn't have made such an issue of it if it was sombody other than Ali that mentioned it, but it is seriously worth looking into it, ensure your at the engagement point of the freewheel and then push, don't just rely on the fact that all these new 108engagement freewheels will have an engagement soon, preloading the drivetrain is quite important! I ran KMC Z610hx chains for years and I don't actually remember snapping any, I would generaly replace it after 5 - 6 months as a precaution. I weighed between 19 - 20 stone pretty much throughout my riding time, I was gapping 8ft + and never had any worries regarding my drivetrain! I am running a Z610hx on my inspired now, and don't plan on changing it out, I would even run this chain if I decided to try brakeless, which as we know puts serious strain on chains and freewheels etc! Adam
  11. It looks like the weather is going to stay bad, unless it changes massively I won't be heading up, sorry guys. Adam
  12. Best video I have watched all year! Makes me glad I have bought a Hex, deffinitely time to start enjoying riding again!!! Well done on a great video Mark!! Adam
  13. That Dakota Roche vid is epic! the hop over rail drop to manual around halfway through was mental!! Adam
  14. Give the king a chance, I ran kings for years and never had issues, I then went to a FFW for 2-3 years but am now back on a king, it feels strange, but I doubt I will change it! Adam