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  1. Very nice, like the stealth look
  2. I have been out on the full sus every weekend since october through the rain sleet snow hail wind rain in scotland , and i can tell you the endura stuff is great, yes its dear but i have been dry and reasonably warm through the winter and in january i bought the shimano am5 shoes with shimano spd caged pedals and been great, £100 all in for shoes and pedals and they feel like flats but with spd adjust to very slack i can clip in/out no probs now and great pedal efficiency so im really looking forward to summer for long nights and dry fast single track and hopefully less bike washing more ridding
  3. I thought about rolls of foam but it wont stop the tire pinching on rim so has to be wider than rim idealy a keyhole/mushroom shape not too sure if the edging foam would bend around easy too
  4. Very interesting vlog of the tubeless set up, often wondered why they never made a foam idea for tires and didnt think to incorporate into tubeless good idea!!! Will see how yours last ali before i try it, I like to run lower pressure so would be good to see you do same moves at different pressures to see 45-20 psi or something, the enduro tire are able to run lower psi so guess so
  5. First things first, I think this vid is class, have you ever tried to ride a wet mossy river bed at a speed way harder than what it looks and Chris does this with style and ease Now roll back 5/10 years and "street" bikes were getting slated as non trials bikes and more like bmx........ Roll back 10/15 year most trials bikes had seats of a fashion and were short and low bb.......(like street bikes) 15/20 years ago trials bike and mtb were almost the same and some trials bikes had sus forks and gears and also used mtb wheels/tires I learned to back hop on a full sus in the mid/late 90 and i feel like the age of the do it all bike is making a come back again just like mtb went from all round to xc/dh/4x now to "Enduro" all mountain Dh racers train on motocross in winter, xc riders train road bike, bike trials a lot of moves came from mototrials and vice versa So to class this is as trials................. why do we have to class anything 2 wheels and terrain does it for me
  6. Pretty happy with my swampthing and just started using adm and was using beegreens just to see if and better
  7. I have the same problem I'm 5"4 and have tried mods, stocks, 24 im currently riding a echo pure24 mk1 shorter wb and a Marino 24 archive i liked mods for weight and size but hated how small the wheels are and 26 back in the day were way shorter then current ones so opted for 24 I defo prefer short wheelbase you just have to play with bar/stem combo to suit I have short legs and long arms so makes it a tad harder to set up
  8. Before the 4 bolt days v brake booster and Magura booster
  9. Why don't you try and get an older frame that has a gear hanger and put a road mech and cassette like we used to before single speed came out best of both worlds
  10. I have slx and xt for the money I can't complain I bought ebc red for them and hold pretty well, I had avid bb7 they were good on front but not enough hold on rear hence I bought hydro and I also put layers of tape and the bite adjustment is much better after that
  11. Looking good Ross, prob the nicest bike I've seen, looking forward for a wee shot
  12. Interested in your bar height Ali as I'm built like a monkey short with long arms just to compare Really liking theses keep them coming
  13. Old vids https://vimeo.com/user5614240
  14. Still got the moves Been watching this guy from early 2000 and still my favourite rider
  15. Mark also very true about clean videos for inspiration I used to watch the old echo vids when they first came out on dial up Internet many moons ago before heading out